Outcomes & Assessments

Upon graduation from Touro Law, students should:
  • Have a core understanding of the principles of fundamental areas of American substantive and procedural law, including civil procedure, torts, contracts, property, criminal law, constitutional law, evidence, business organizations and trusts and estates.
  • Comprehend, analyze and synthesize legal texts and apply the legal principles extracted from the texts to new factual circumstances.
  • Demonstrate an ability to use effective oral and written communication.
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct essential practice skills including effective problem-solving, fact investigation, interviewing, negotiating, counseling, and legal research.
  • Exercise proper professional and ethical behavior toward their clients and the legal system and progress in the development of their professional identity.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to public and community service.

Pathways for Satisfying the NY Court of Appeals Competency Requirement for Admission to the Bar

Touro Law Center incorporates into its curriculum the skills and professional values that are required for basic competence and ethical participation in the legal profession. Touro offers our students three pathways towards satisfying Court of Appeals Rule 520.18.
To see our Summary of Pathways Compliance document, click here.

Determination of Credit Hours for Coursework

Touro Law Center’s policy on credit hours states that a “credit hour” requires, over a 14-week semester or, when applicable, a 15-week semester that includes preparation and taking of final examinations or preparation and submission of final papers, (i) not less than 750 minutes of classroom or direct faculty instruction; and (ii) not less than two hours (120 minutes) of out-of-class work by students for each 50 minutes of classroom or direct faculty instruction. At least an equivalent amount of work is required for experiential learning courses or other academic activities leading to the award of credit hours.

Additionally, the policy for clinics and externships requires students to complete a minimum of 84 hours per credit hour of clinic work and 70 hours of fieldwork per credit hour for externships; both of these requirements exceed the 42.5 hour minimum.

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