Touro Law Student Ambassadors

Touro Law's Student Ambassadors, selected on a competitive basis, assist the school with various tasks throughout the year including engaging with prospective and admitted students.  As current second-,  third-, and fourth-year law students, the Student Ambassadors have first-hand knowledge of the law school application process and what it takes to thrive during your 1L year. They are here to provide insight into the student experience and answer any questions you may have about Touro Law. 

Viana Alves

2L, Full-Time Day

Hometown: West Islip
Undergraduate Institution/Major: SUNY University at Albany, B.S. Human Development, concentrating in Counseling Psychology with a Double Minor in Psychology and English

Areas of interest: Intellectual Property, Entertainment Law, and Trusts and Estates

Law school activities: Intellectual Property Law Society Eboard as Event Coordinator, and Full-Time 2L Representation for the Public Interest Law Organization of Touro (PILOT)

Interesting Fact About Me: I was originally going to attend graduate school to pursue a counseling degree and become a high school counselor.

Advice for prospective/accepted law students: Law school can be challenging at times but it is a rewarding experience. Just remember, time management is half the battle but you will be okay!

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Joshua Ben-Shimon

3L, FlexTime

Hometown: Queens
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Touro University, B.S. Biology


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Donna Arzanipour

2L, Full-Time Day

Hometown: Roslyn, NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Stony Brook University, B.S. Applied Math/Statistics and Mathematics

Area of interest: Real Estate Law

Law school activities: Touro Law Review, Honors Program Scholar, Real Estate Law Society Secretary, Touro Law Tax Society Secretary, Woman’s Bar Association

Interesting fact about me: I love to cook/bake, and I have a food Instagram account for fun!
Advice for prospective/accepted students: While law school may seem frightening at first, it is a very rewarding experience. The knowledge you gain is priceless, and it is important to remain focused on your goals. Don’t forget to contact your professors when you are having trouble, as they are always willing to help!

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Rachael Giannetti

3L, FlexTime
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Hofstra University, B.A. Public Relations with a Minor in Political Science

Graduate School: Bridgeport University, M.S.Ed. 

Areas of interest: Criminal Law, Public Interest Law

Law school activities: Honors Program Scholar, Touro Law Review Senior Staff Member, Samuel Glickstein Public Interest Fellow

Interesting fact about me: I love classic cars. My dream car is an original 1939 Ford Pickup.

Advice for prospective/accepted students: Law school is an incredibly rewarding journey. There are a few steps that I have taken to ensure that I stay on track. First, be sure to complete all your assigned reading. Second, do not rely on third-party websites to brief your assigned cases – their conclusions are often wrong. Third, if you don’t know a word, look it up. Fourth, take time to make friends and enjoy the experience.

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Katherine Jeran

2L, Full-Time Day

Hometown: Islip Terrace, Long Island NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major: St. John's University, B.S. Legal Studies

Areas of interest: Criminal Law (prosecution and defense), Family Law, and Environmental Law
Law school activities: Woman's Bar Association member and Public Community Outreach Commissioner of Touro's Environmental Law Society

Interesting fact about me: I live and grew up less than 5 minutes away from Touro's campus, so I would say I have the best commute out of most of my classmates!

Advice for accepted/prospective law students: The best advice I can give to accepted/prospective law students is to focus on finding the law school where you feel the most comfortable. Law school is a new, exciting, and somewhat stressful life change; and if you are in an environment where you're not feeling comfortable you naturally will not work at your best level. So definitely go on every campus tour available to you so you can ensure your choice is right for you!

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Bianca Kehrer

2L, Full-Time Day

Hometown: Smithtown, New York
Undergraduate Institution/Major: SUNY New Paltz, B.A. Organizational Communications; Business Administration Minor

Areas of interest: Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation & Real Estate

Law school activities: Recipient of Best Oral Argument CALI Award for Appellate Brief

Interesting fact about me: I have my Paralegal Certification and I’m a first-generation law student.

Advice for prospective/accepted students: Getting into law school is a rigorous but rewarding experience. It is important to keep that persistence and endurance up as a law student who continues to face challenges while learning new material, which seems foreign to many. I am a firm believer in what is meant to be for you will come to you when it is your time; so even when law school gets tough, take a step back and remind yourself why you are on this law school journey, be proud of yourself for making it this far, and keep going. Don’t forget to make time for yourself and remember the only thing between now and your dreams as a future lawyer is the hard work you’re ready to put in at Touro Law.

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Esther Khaitov

2L. January Start Full-Time Day 

Hometown: Forest Hills, NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Touro College NYSCAS, B.A. Psychology

Areas of Interest: Real Estate Law and Trusts and Estates

Interesting fact about me: I am a mother of three children four years old and under.

Advise for prospective/accepted students: Starting law school is hard and stressful for every student. Do not be afraid to ask questions! Chances are there are many other people confused about the same topic. I would recommend forming a study group with three or four people. This will give you a good soundboard to make sure you really understand the law you were being taught. Everyone, including the professors, are here to help you succeed. Keep in mind it will be over before you know it, and YOU CAN DO IT!

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Rebecca Sinobio

2L, Full-Time Day

Hometown:Wantagh, NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major:SUNY Purchase, B.A. Psychology; Minor in Political Science

Areas of Interest: Family Law, Public Defense

Law School Activities: Honors Program Scholar, Touro Law Review; Trial Advocacy and Practice Honors Society; Women’s Bar Association, 2L Representative; Fashion Law Society, Treasurer

Interesting fact about me: I had a podcast in college.

Advice for prospective/accepted students: Ask for help! Don’t be afraid to ask your professors, other classmates, or upperclassmen for help. Everyone is more than willing to share their tips and advice. Also, get involved! It’s a great way to meet people and make friends. Law school can be tough but it’s worth it!

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