Touro Law Student Ambassadors

Touro Law's Student Ambassadors, selected on a competitive basis, assist the school with various tasks throughout the year including engaging with prospective and admitted students.  As current second-,  third-, and fourth-year law students, the Student Ambassadors have first-hand knowledge of the law school application process and what it takes to thrive during your 1L year. They are here to provide insight into the student experience and answer any questions you may have about Touro Law. 

Taylor Bialek

2L, Full-Time Day
Hometown: Jericho, NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Washington University, B.A. Anthropology: Global Health & the Environment

Area of interest: Intellectual Property

Law school activities: Touro Law Review, Women's Bar Association, Student Bar Association, Curriculum Committee

Interesting fact about me: My favorite hobbies include cooking and yoga.

Advice for prospective/accepted students: Stay organized! Adjusting to law school can be overwhelming. It is so important to stay organized because it is so easy to fall behind or miss deadlines. Stay on top of your assignments and if you start to feel that you are struggling to understand a topic, reach out to your professor right away so that you don't miss out on understanding fundamental concepts.

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Samuel Bifulco

3L, FlexTime Program
Hometown: Centereach, NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major: St. Joseph's College, B.A., Political Science, Criminal Justice, and Human Relations
Graduate Institution/Major: Stony Brook University, M.A., Public Policy

Areas of interest: Cyber, Business, Contract, Land Use, and Municipal Law

Law school activities: Honors Program Scholar, Cyber Law Society President, Student Bar Association FlexTime Advisory Liaison

Interesting fact about me: I love international travel and learning about new cultures.

Advice for prospective/accepted students: Be confident in yourself and your abilities, and enjoy the ride!

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Darius Caceres

3L FlexTime
Hometown: Houston, TX
Undergraduate Institution/Major: John Jay College of Criminal Justice, B.S. Criminal Justice

Areas of Interest: Corporate Law, Workers' Compensation/Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Liability/Personal Injury Law

Law school activities: Mentor for the 3rd-year cohort of the FlexTime program

Interesting fact about me: I was born in Queens, NY, moved at the age of five to Guyana, South America, West Palm Beach, FL at the age of ten, back to Guyana, South America at 16, Queens, NY at 18. Law school wasn’t my first choice, life pushed me toward the law through experiences, bias, and discrimination. Having a life-changing diagnosis of cancer at 23 years of age, I realized that I had nothing to leave for my 2-year-old daughter. This was the catalyst that propelled me to where I am today and will continue to do so.

Advice for prospective/accepted students: You can read about law school, talk to students, teachers, graduates, and attorneys, however, no amount of information will compare to taking the step to attend law school for yourself. It was the best decision I have ever made. No matter the challenges I have faced, attending law school is worth the commitment. It has enhanced my life in numerous ways to date and I am excited for what’s in store after graduation. Touro and the Flex-time program have afforded me the opportunity to attend law school as well as continue working full time and still have time for my family. This program made law school possible for me and it can for you too.

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Samantha Karpman

3L, Full-Time Day
Hometown: Summit, NJ
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Penn State University, B.A. Political Science

Areas of Interest: Immigration Law and Criminal Law

Law school activities: Touro Law Review (Issue Editor), Touro Moot Court Honors Board, Touro Trial Advocacy Practice Society ("TAPS"), Legal Education Access ("LEAP") Program (Executive Co-Director), Immigration Law Society (President), Touro Chapter of the International Refugee Assistance Project ("IRAP") (Legal Director), International Law Students Association (Vice President), Students Helping Students (Student Assistant), Touro Law Center Clinical Program (Translator & Intern).

Interesting fact(s) about me: I love languages and can currently speak 7: English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, American Sign Language. I also eventually hope to learn Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Dothraki.

Advice for prospective/accepted students: Do not be afraid to approach your professors and/or upperclassmen when you need help with something. We have all been there before and are more than happy to help you succeed!

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Michael Lieberman

2L, Full-Time Day – January Start
Hometown: Manorville, NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major: SUNY Oneonta, B.S. Economics

Areas of interest: Corporate and Injury Law

Law school activities: Journal of Race, Gender, & Ethnicity

Interesting fact about me: I am a movie fanatic.  I would love to combine my love for movies and the law to hopefully work for a studio one day.

Advice for prospective/accepted students: Don't be afraid to talk to upperclassmen, ask their advice on what classes to take and don't be afraid to ask them if they have outlines that may help you. If they do give you an outline, don't just copy it, and don't just read the outline and not your textbooks, make the outline your own with notes from the professor and the textbook. This acts as a great way to study for me. It makes me read the material several times.

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Conner Purcell

3L, Full-Time Day
Hometown: Huntington, NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major: SUNY Albany, B.A. Psychology (minor, Sociology)

Areas of interest: Real Estate Transactions, particularly Commercial Leasing/Condo-Coop/Industrial Development Agency deals (IDA), Corporate, particularly private equity, Zoning and Land Use, Torts

Law school activities: Research Editor on Law Review, Vice President of the Touro Tax Law Society, Treasurer of the Public Interest Law Organization of Touro (PILOT), Treasurer of the International Law Students Association (ILSA), and Treasurer of the Veterans Law Students Association (VSLO), Honors Program Scholar, and Students Helping Students.

Interesting facts about me: I love snowboarding, running, weight lifting, and going to see hardcore punk bands play live shows.

Advice for prospective/accepted students: To any incoming students, be friendly and be brave. Everyone starts law school in the same position, and you shouldn't be intimidated to ask questions in the presence of your peers for fear of sounding silly/incorrect. Chances are, others are just as intimidated on the first day of classes as you are. If you made it as far as an admission letter, I assure you that you are in fact smart enough. Exercise regularly, eat your vegetables, talk to your friends (both inside and outside of Touro) and family weekly, and always do your readings for class. Most importantly, the school is your vessel to get you where you want to go. The opportunities exist, and Touro can help you materialize them.

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Bryan Ramdat

3L Full-Time Day
Hometown: Queens Village, NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Baruch College, B.A. Economics

Areas of interest: Corporate, Business, Sports and Entertainment

Law school activities: Student Bar Association President, Moot Court Honors Board, Journal of Race, Gender, & Ethnicity

Interesting fact about me: I’ve been skydiving!

Advice for prospective/accepted students: Do not be afraid or hesitant to reach out to others for help. Upper-level students are more than willing to share their advice and insight so just ask.

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Shahzadi Raza

2L, Full-Time Day
Hometown: Flushing, NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Hunter College, B.A. Political Science (minor: Religion and Philosophy)

Areas of interest: Civil Rights Litigation, Intellectual Property, Torts, and Malpractice

Interesting fact about me: I was a visual merchandiser for Ann Taylor before I started my law school journey.

Advice for prospective/accepted students: You are meant to be here, remember that everyone is just as nervous as you are so try to breathe and enjoy this journey. It will be challenging and things will not always turn out how you want them. Find a support system and lean into them!

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Sarah Schick

3L, Full-Time Day
Hometown: Sayville, NY 
Undergraduate Institution/Major: John Jay College of Criminal Justice, B.A. Political Science, B.S. Criminal Justice

Areas of Interest: Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Real Estate

Law school activities:  Advanced clinic, studying with friends (always fun, never boring!)

Interesting fact about me: I enjoy going to the beach and going on hikes to clear my head.

Advice for prospective/accepted students: Keep your mind open to all the various types of legal practices you can go into one day. Step away from the books sometimes, it is good for you and will keep you from going crazy!

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Daniel S. Smith

3L, Full-Time Day
Hometown: Hauppauge, NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Wagner College, B.A. Public Policy and Administration (minor, Writing)

Areas of interest: Criminal Justice and Family Law

Law school activities: Trial Advocacy and Practice Society (TAPS) and Vice President of the Unemployment Action Center

Interesting fact about me: I am a playwright and my work has been produced in NYC.

Advice for prospective/accepted students: Look at the big picture and ask yourself what you want to have accomplished by the end of law school.

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Raj Telwala

3L, Full-Time Day
Hometown: Sunnyside, NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major: John Jay College of Criminal Justice, B.A. Political Science

Areas of interest: International Law, Contracts, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Employment Law

Law school activities: Moot Court Honors Board (E-board & Staff Member), Journal of Race, Gender, and Ethnicity (E-board & Staff Member), Student Bar Association, International Law Students Association (Founding President)

Interesting fact about me: I have traveled to 27 countries

Advice for prospective/accepted students: Take law school one day at a time, and try to explore any opportunity you can, you never know what doors may open up for you.

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Kelsey Truglio

2L, Full-Time Day
Hometown: Sayville, NY

Undergraduate Institution/Major: Stony Brook University, B.S. Biology, M.A. Bioethics

Areas of interest: Intellectual Property - patent and trademark law

Law school activities: LEAP teaching assistant, Law Review staff member

Interesting facts about me: I am a powerlifter, I teach yoga, and I practice martial arts including kempo, karate, and jujitsu.

Advice for prospective/accepted students: Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Focus on your own improvement and what activities, learning styles, and study techniques work for you. Instead of comparing, have compassion for yourself and take pride in your hard work and effort. Have confidence and be kind to others to be the most successful version of yourself.

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Bethann Wolfe

2L Full-Time Day – January Start
Hometown: Stony Brook, NY
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Marymount Manhattan College, B.A. Communications
Graduate Institution: NYU School of Education, M.A. Media Ecology

Area of interest: Criminal Defense

Law school activity: Externship

Interesting fact about me: I am a single mom of three kids. 

Advice for prospective/accepted students: Law school goes by’s only three years. But the memory of your law school experience is going to be with you forever so take time to enjoy this historic, noble, and amazingly honorable study.

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