• Podcast Series
    Professor Connors discusses the effect of social media on litigation.
  • Alum of the Month
    Russell Blaymore '06 is, partner at a mid-size NY firm and is alum of the month!
  • Digital Lawyering Spotlight
    The New York Law Journal features an article written by Dean Salkin and Prof. Graves.
  • Student Spotlight
    Third-year student Sean McLeod makes the most out of every opportunity.
  • Student Spotlight
    Stephani Schendlinger has found her passion and her path at Touro Law.
  • Rideshare Spotlight
    Are you a commuter? Sign up for Touro Law Center's Rideshare today!
  • Service Snapshot
    Snapshots of students working in public service this summer as fellows or work study.
  • Faculty Spotlight
    Professor Deborah Post writes about study groups in law school.
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