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Problems of Church & State in Israeli & American Constitutionalism - LAW942

2 Credits

The relationship between church and state creates problems for virtually every government. This course will explore important issues in the church-state relationship in the United States and Israel. While the U.S. Constitution provides for government neutrality in dealings between church and state, Israel is a Jewish state, yet respects the jurisdiction of the religious courts of many religions relating to marriage and divorce. In both countries, pressures to accommodate religion and the state are ever present as pressures to "build a higher wall" between the two. Major U.S. Supreme Court cases involving the First Amendment will be studied along with such Israeli issues and decisions such as the closing of thoroughfares to traffic on the Sabbath; whether the children of a non-Jewish mother are Israeli nationals; whether the government may refuse to license the importation of Kosher meat. (No prerequisite.)