The Lillie Goldstein Traveling Judaica Collection

The Lillie Goldstein Traveling Judaica Collection

In addition to the permanent collection, Touro’s Judaica holdings include the Lillie Goldstein Traveling Judaica Collection.  As part of the mission of the Jewish Law Institute, the Collection promotes the teaching of Jewish law in American law schools by making available to law schools the resources necessary to offer courses in Jewish law.  The collection of more than 420 titles in over 700 volumes in Hebrew and/or English includes duplicates of the core materials found in the Gould Law Library's Judaica Collection.  Borrowers have included: ITT-Chicago Kent College of Law, University of Utah School of Law, Boston College Law School, University of Colorado School of Law, Pepperdine University School of Law, and American University, Washington College of Law.

Inquiries should be directed to Samuel J. Levine, Professor of Law and Director of the Jewish Law Institute, at (631) 761-7138 or email

For more information, see The Lillie Goldstein Judaica Collection: FAQbrochure and bibliography.