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Our Attorneys


Attorneys in the CJC include:

  • Asadullah & Chaudhary LLP
  • Rosemarie Barnett – The Law Office of Rosemarie Barnett
  • Glenn Campbell – The Law Office of Glenn Campbell
  • Dominick Cattrano – The Law Office of Dominick Cattrano
  • Daniel G. De Pasquale - Daniel G. De Pasquale, Esq.
  • Bruce McBrien – McBrien Law PC
  • Cory H. Morris - Law Offices of Cory H. Morris
  • Tiffany Moseley – The Law Office of Tiffany Moseley
  • Maurice Williams – The Law Office of Maurice Williams
  • Keri Mahoney

Disclaimer: Each attorney that participates in the CJCLI maintains an independent law practice, which is separate and distinct from each of the other practices and from TLC. Retention of a participating attorney is not a retention of any of the other attorneys, the CJCLI or TLC.