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Closed & Cancelled Courses

Students may not attend closed courses until they are notified by Touro e-mail that a Seat is available and they complete a drop/add form in the Registrar’s Office.

Last Updated: 1/19/2016 8:32:45 PM

Semester: SPRING 2016
Law 836U Advanced Income Tax (Tax II) TBA Cancelled
Law 734DA American Legal Studies Practicum TBA Closed
Law 734FA American Legal Studies Practicum TBA Closed
Law 654U Antitrust Law* TBA Cancelled
Law 967A Children & the Law Myra Berman Closed
Law 163A Constitutional Law II TBA Cancelled
Law 743A Drafting Commercial Documents TBA Closed
Law 783A Estate & Gift Taxation TBA Cancelled
Law 667PA Family Law Practice Module TBA Cancelled
Law 781A Federal Income Tax TBA Cancelled
Law 867U Federal Prosecution Clinic TBA Cancelled
Law 682A Honors Trusts & Estates with Module Rena C. Seplowitz Closed
Law 800A Immigration Law TBA Cancelled
Law 747U Insurance Law TBA Cancelled
Law 696A Interviewing, Negotiating, and Counseling* TBA Closed
Law 874A Landlord-Tenant Law Stephen Ukeiley Closed
Law 1620U Law by the Numbers: Numerical Literacy TBA Cancelled
Law 614U New York Legal Research Irene Crisci Closed
Law 814U Patent Law TBA Cancelled
Law 709U Pre-Trial Litigation Jeffrey Arlen Spinner Closed
Law 632A Property II TBA Cancelled
Law 977A Public Benefits & Planning for the Disabled TBA Cancelled
Law 920A Selected Topics in Criminal Justice TBA Cancelled
Law 647U Sociology of Law: Bio-Medical Ethics* TBA Cancelled
Law 1856A Youth Court TBA Cancelled