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Closed & Cancelled Courses

Students may not attend closed courses until they are notified by Touro e-mail that a Seat is available and they complete a drop/add form in the Registrar’s Office.

Last Updated: 4/25/2019 1:54:56 PM

Semester: FALL 2019
Law 6211 Criminal Procedure Course Description Mark D. Cohen Closed
Law 7430 Drafting Commercial Documents Course Description Richard Eisenberg Closed
Law 6970 Interviewing, Negotiating, & Counseling* Lynne Adair Kramer Closed
Law 5830 Negotiations Harold I. Abramson Closed
Law 7480 Secured Transactions Theodore Silver Closed
Law 7060 Trial Practice Lynne Adair Kramer Closed
Law 6800 Trusts & Estates Dan Subotnik Closed
Semester: SPRING 2019
Law 7920 Administrative Law Course Description TBA Cancelled
Law 6060 Advanced Legal Research Course Description Irene Crisci Closed
Law 7341 American Legal Studies Practicum Carina Fung Closed
Law 7342 American Legal Studies Practicum Carina Fung Closed
Law 8850 Bankruptcy Clinic Course Description TBA Cancelled
Law 8770 Bankruptcy Law Course Description TBA Cancelled
Law 8630 Criminal Defense Clinic Description TBA Cancelled
Law 17120 Introduction to Compliance TBA Cancelled
Law 9470 Law & Literature TBA Cancelled
Law 7091 Pre-Trial Litigation TBA Cancelled
Law 18560 Youth Court TBA Cancelled
Semester: WINTER 2019
Law 7160 Law Practice Management Ann L. Nowak Closed