A True Courthouse Campus

Touro Law’s unique curriculum and collaborative relationships with the Federal and State courthouses next door provide synergies that extend beyond the classroom and give our students the opportunity to work side-by-side with respected professionals from throughout the legal community.

Touro students participate in the Collaborative Court Program, which utilizes the many benefits available to us because of our location, including the relationships we have developed with judges, attorneys, and other court personnel. The Program is a three-year curricular option for Touro Law students, incrementally merging their classroom learning with the practical work of the courts. It begins with observation and culminates with participation, utilizing the integration of theory and practice as its central educational objective.

There are many curricular opportunities available because of our close proximity to the courts. Students who work in the Child Advocacy Clinic have the opportunity to serve the legal needs of children involved in family and court proceedings. These students spend one full day a week in court and then dozens of hours each week meeting with clients and preparing their cases. Students in many other clinics and courses, including Veteran’s and Servicemembers’ Rights, also spend time in court gaining hands-on knowledge.

Additionally, members of the bar and bench frequently visit Touro Law as guest speakers and lecturers and many serve as adjunct professors, sharing their knowledge and experience first-hand.


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