Student Spotlight: Alessandra Albano

Student Spotlight: Alessandra Albano

Growing up on Long Island, Alessandra (Ally) was always a good student. She was on a pre-med track in college before making the decision that medicine wasn’t going to be her future. She did an about-face and earned a business degree. While finishing her degree, she interned with Dan Osborn and The Osborn Law Group and, upon graduation, she worked as a legal assistant for the firm.

“I didn’t know very much about the field of law at that time,” stated Ally. “My boss was a great mentor. He showed me how the business worked while teaching me aspects of the law. Based on my interest, he encouraged me to pursue a legal education and a career in law. I am forever grateful.”

Ally has hit her stride in law school. She works diligently to stay at the top of her classes while making her parents proud. “I am the first in my immediate family to graduate college and to attend law school. I want to make sure my family is proud of all that I do.”

She decided early on that Corporate Law and Commercial Real Estate Law were her calling and Professor Graves gave her the confidence she needed to follow that dream and make it a reality. “So many of my friends were vocal about their passion to pursue criminal law and had been dreaming of a career in criminal law their whole lives. While their expressions were influential, Professor Graves encouraged me to find my path and stick to it. Through his lectures and support, he reminded me that studying the law should lead to a rewarding and enjoyable career. This advice really resonated with me. I am taking classes that interest me, while pursuing the hands-on experiences that will benefit me when I’m searching for a job that will ultimately become a fulfilling, lifelong career.”

Last summer, Ally earned a prestigious Board of Governor’s Summer Associate position at Certilman Balin Adler and Hyman, LLP, one of Long Island’s largest corporate and real estate law firms. There, she worked in the Real Estate department drafting memoranda, attending closings and drafting other legal documents. Her mentors at the firm were influential and encouraging. She stated, “My mentors at Certilman encouraged me and gave me helpful advice for both law school and my career. It was a great experience.” She is happy to report that she will be working at the firm again this summer, stating, “I am looking forward to returning to Certilman and gaining hands-on experience while being a productive team member.”

Ally also earned hands-on experience through an externship with the Hon. James Hudson in Suffolk County Supreme Court, Commercial Division. “I learned a lot working for Judge Hudson. He taught me never to give up and be proud of myself for every accomplishment. I was so fortunate to have that experience.”

Ally is also an active member of Law Review, Moot Court, and serves as the Marketing/Public Relations Officer of the Student Bar Association. She is also a member of Real Estate Law Society and Women’s Bar Association. She is a Students Helping Students Mentor, Honors Program Scholar, Merit Scholarship and Chris J. Coschignano and Sahn Ward Coschignano Scholarship recipient. She’s a teacher’s assistant in the Legal Education Access Program and for Professor Linarelli, who teaches contracts to first-year students. Ally is also on the Dean’s list.

“I am so grateful for my friends and mentors at Touro Law,” stated Ally. “All of my professors have been so helpful in getting me through this journey and I am so thankful for their continuous support. I can’t believe how quickly law school is flying by. I will be sad when it comes to an end, but I am looking forward to a bright future as a practicing attorney. Maybe one day I’ll come back and teach. I want to stay connected to Touro Law and help students find their path to a career in the law.”


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