Graduate Spotlight: Kimberly Ball

Graduate Spotlight: Kimberly Ball

Kimberly Ball cannot believe that she is officially a law school graduate. She says she can remember the day she received the phone call from the Office of Admissions, stating, “My heart skipped a beat when I saw that number and my life hasn’t been the same since.”

A single mom of three, Kimberly worked endless hours around the clock each week to ensure her school work was done while taking care of her kids. She did it all while working as a paralegal.

Summing up her three years at Touro Law she says, “I was nervous, I was excited, and now I am so proud to be a graduate. I have worked as a paralegal for many years, but law school gave me a new perspective of the law. I started this journey in January 2018 and am looking forward to a bright future entering the legal profession as a new attorney. This journey was filled with some obstacles and bumps along the way but it was definitely worthwhile.”

Kimberly was disappointed to be ending her law school tenure during unprecedented, difficult times. No one could have imagined a virtual end to law school, including a virtual commencement ceremony. However, she made the decision to remain positive, even after finishing her last semester while helping her children through their schoolwork and all of the other challenges of being at home.

“The day I found out in-person commencement was indefinitely postponed was one of the toughest days. As the first person in my family to pursue a law degree, I dreamed of the day to be able to walk across that stage and receive my diploma with my classmates. It is a rite of passage to have a graduation complete with cap, gown and regalia and our families watching. Unfortunately, outside of anyone's control, the coronavirus pandemic has taken that from us until further notice. The bar exam will not be held until September, some of my classmates have had job offers indefinitely placed on hold and for many, the future is now uncertain.” She continued, “At the end of the day, we must look at the positive. We are the Class of 2020, the law students who graduated during the Global Pandemic. That makes us unique and unforgettable. Our administrators, professors, staff, and classmates have all managed to adapt as best as possible under the circumstances. I am confident that it will prove that we are adaptable to whatever the future has in store.”

Kimberly is looking ahead to the bar exam and is looking forward to continuing her career at the same family law firm where she has worked for the past five years. She says her children, family, and friends are extremely proud of her accomplishment, and she is equally as proud of herself and her classmates.

“I am not only proud to be a Touro Law graduate, I am proud of the way we came together as a school, a community and as graduates to overcome and make it all happen. I wish congratulations to all of my classmates and wish each of them much success in the future.”


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