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Gary M. Shaw

Professor of Law

A.B., 1975, University of Illinois
J.D., with distinction, 1979, The John Marshall School of Law
LL.M., 1983, Temple University School of Law

Contact Info
Phone: Office: 631-761-7099
Room: 413A
Office Hours:
Faculty Assistant: Sue Mori
Professor Shaw has been a member of the Touro Law Center faculty for thirty-two years.  Professor Shaw served as Vice Dean of the Law Center from 2000-2008.  From 1995-1997, he served as Internet Coordinator of the Law Center, in which position he played a major role in the creation of the Law Center’s first web site.  From 1997-2000 he was the Technical Director for the Law Center.  
He authors the annual revisions of Evidence Laws of New York (Lexis/Nexis Publications) and has published several articles dealing with Evidence and Constitutional Law. 
Professor Shaw served as a counsel to the Government of Belarus in drafting its new constitution in 1994. On behalf of the ABA Central and East European Law Initiative, he has critiqued numerous draft constitutions of Central and Eastern European countries.  He helped draft a Comparative Constitutional Law curriculum (comparing Russian and American constitutional law issues) for Irkutsk State University and Urals State Law Academy in Russia.  He also counseled the Government of Macedonia in the drafting of the first fifteen amendments to the Macedonia Constitution.
Professor Shaw is a graduate of the University of Illinois, John Marshall Law School, and Temple University School of Law.  He was the law clerk for Judge Allan Stouder of the Illinois Appellate Court.

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Constitutional Law I and II
Computer Law
Criminal Procedure

For Selected Works, click here.
Evidence Laws of New York (Lexis/Nexis).