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Asian Legal Traditions Course Description - LAW756

2 Credits

This two-credit seminar is a survey of the different intellectual traditions that have influenced the history and legal philosophy of Asia, with a particular focus on the jurisprudence of Vietnam. The course will cover the major Chinese influences, in particular Confucianism, with its notions of the “moral man” and the emphasis on discipline and high moral standards, filial piety and respect for elders, the primacy of public over individual interests, and the unequal treatment of different categories of people, depending upon their class, gender, or family status. The course will also cover the tenets of the two major religious traditions in Asia, Daoism, and Buddhism, and their impact on law in practice. Finally, the course will focus on the Marxist-Leninist principles relied upon by the government of Vietnam to revolutionize the country’s socio-economic order, as well as the changing concepts of socialist law in Vietnam today. ((No prerequisite. Satisfies Perspective Requirement.)