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Comparative Criminal Justice - LAW843

3 Credits

A comparative study of criminal justice is increasingly important. Despite the vast differences in cultures and history, countries confront fundamentally similar situations and challenges in setting the boundaries of harmful conduct and societal condemnation. This course takes a comparative look at criminal procedures and substantive criminal law. We will examine the major procedural differences between common law and civil law systems, including the roles of law enforcement, judges and juries; the conception of state power and individual rights; and evidentiary rules. Specific substantive topics will include consensual harm, prostitution and sex trafficking, the war on drugs, euthanasia, and hate crimes. Varying countries, including the US, will serve as case studies. In learning these varying approaches, students will improve their abilities to critically analyze doctrinal law and to recognize important differences in policy and procedure as they concern criminal justice. (No prerequisite. Satisfies Perspective Requirement.)