Construction Law & Practice Course Description - LAW994

2 Credits

This course covers many aspects of the construction process from initial design through construction. First, students acquire an understanding of the parties’ roles in commonly used project delivery systems by studying/analyzing contracts defining the parties’ rights and obligations. This task is accomplished by studying typical small commercial construction projects paying special attention to industry form contracts. Next, the course explores design undertaking and contractor selection, and the essential terms of scope, time and price. In addition, here the course explores related issues of scheduling, payment, subcontracting, and the architect’s contract administration role as well as changes, construction safety and contractual termination provisions. If time permits, the course will also explore liens, insurance and bonding, defective construction, damages, the Economic Loss Rule, and ADR systems. Topic choices/scope of treatment have been dictated by practical industry needs, and the subject areas presented are those commonly faced in practice. The course will also help with bar prep as it touches on many New York bar topics including contracts, contract remedies, torts, tort damages and agency. (No prerequisite.)

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