Course Descriptions

The following is an alphabetical listing of all required and elective courses. Students may select from more than 100 elective courses, enabling them to explore various aspects of the law and begin to build a foundation in an area of specialization. In addition, many electives are small-group seminars, providing extensive personal interaction with faculty members and classmates.

J.D. Course Descriptions

Accounting for Lawyers
Administrative Law
Advanced Externship
Advanced In-House Clinic
Advanced Legal Analysis I Workshop
Advanced Legal Analysis II Workshop
Advanced Legal Research
Advanced Persuasion Writing
Aging: Health Law and Policy
Aging and Longevity Law
Alternative Dispute Resolution Tutorial
Antitrust Law (iLaw)
Asian Americans and the Law
Bankruptcy / Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic
Bankruptcy Law
Business Organizations I
Business Organizations II
Child Support Mediation Clinic
Child Welfare Seminar
Children and the Law
Civil Dispute Resolution & Procedure I
Civil Dispute Resolution & Procedure II
Civil Practice Externship
Climate Change Law & Policy
Community Law Services Clinic
Constitutional Law I
Constitutional Law II
Contracts I
Contracts II
Copyright Law
Corporate Finance (iLaw)
Corporate Tax
Criminal Defense Clinic
Criminal Law I
Criminal Law II
Criminal Procedure
Criminal Prosecution Clinic
Drafting Commercial Documents
Education and Youth Justice Clinic
Education Law
Employment Law
Employment Discrimination Law
Entertainment Law
Entrepreneurship and the Law
Environmental Law
Family Law
Family Violence
Fintech Law
Health Care Law
HIPAA and Cybersecurity
Holocaust and the Law
Honors Trusts & Estates with Module
Human Trafficking
Immigration Law
Immigration Law Clinic
Independent Research (1 credit)
Independent Research (2 credits)
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property (2 credits)
Intellectual Property (3 credits)
International Law
International Criminal Law
Interviewing, Negotiating & Counseling* 
Introduction to Federal Income Tax (Tax I)
Introduction to Legal Analysis I Workshop
Introduction to Legal Analysis II Workshop
Introduction to Workers' Compensation
Judicial Clerkship Externship Seminar

Land Use, Zoning, & Planning
Landlord-Tenant Law
Landlord-Tenant Mediation Clinic
Law and AI
Law and Reproduction
Law Practice Management
Legal & Ethics Issues Medical Malpractice
Legal Process I
Legal Process II
Licensing in Intellectual Property
Mediation as Dispute Resolution
Mergers & Acquisitions (iLaw)
Music Law
New York Legal Research
New York Practice
Patent Law
Patent Litigation
Patent Practice Seminar
Practical Legal Analysis I
Practical Legal Analysis II
Pre-Trial Litigation
Principles of Healthcare Security
Pro Bono Scholars Externship Seminar
Professional Responsibility
Professional Responsibility: Ethical Criminal Practice
Property I
Property II
Racism & American Law
Real Estate Transactions
Secured Transactions
Selected Topics in Contracts 
Selected Topics in Corporate Law
Selected Topics in Criminal Justice
Selected Topics in Criminal Justice: Comparing Jewish Law & American Law
Selected Topics in Criminal Law: New York Practice
Selected Topics in Law & Literature
Selected Topics in Employment Discrimination
Selected Topics in Racism & American Law: The History and Legal Trials of the Scottsboro Boys
Selected Topics in Tort Law
Selected Topics in Torts: Litigation Tort Claims
Selected Topics in Trial Advocacy: Direct Exam and Admission of Evidence
Selected Topics in Trial Advocacy: Expert Witnesses
Selected Topics in Trial Advocacy: Trial of a Family Law Case
Selected Topics in Trial Advocacy: NY Rules of Evidence
Selected Topics in Trial Advocacy: Opening and Closing Arguments
Selected Topics in Trial Practice: Cross-Examination
Selected Topics in Trial Practice: Objections and Evidence Rules
Senior Citizen Project Clinic
Small Business & Not-for-Profit Clinic
Social Media and the LawSports Law
Street Law Seminar
Structured Barriers and the Pursuit of Equity
Supreme Court Seminar
Torts I
Torts II
Trademark Law
Trial Practice
Trusts & Estates
Trusts & Estates Practice Module
Under Color of Law
Veterans & Servicemembers Rights Clinic
Wrongful Convictions

LL.M. Course Descriptions

Civil Procedure Survey
Constitutional Law Survey
Contracts Survey
Introduction to the U.S. Legal System
Legal Process for Foreign Attorneys (LL.M. Tutorial)
Property Law Survey
Torts Survey

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