Course Descriptions

The following is an alphabetical listing of all required and elective courses. Students may select from more than 100 elective courses, enabling them to explore various aspects of the law and begin to build a foundation in an area of specialization. In addition, many electives are small-group seminars, providing extensive personal interaction with faculty members and classmates.

Courses marked with an * are offered periodically or in response to student demand. Courses marked with ** are part of Touro Law’s summer abroad programs

Civil Procedure in New York and Federal Courts
Civil Procedure Survey Estate Planning
Independent Research (1 credit)
Independent Research (2 credits)
Intellectual Property (3 credits) International Sales Law & Arbitration (4 credits)
Law by the Numbers: Numerical Literacy
Law Practice Management
Legal Process I
Legal Process II
Licensing in Intellectual Property
Mediation as a Conflict Resolution Process
Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic
Mortgage Foreclosure Law
National Security & the Law
Negotiable Instruments & Payment Systems
New York Criminal Practice
New York Legal Research
New York Practice
Patent Law
Patent Litigation
Patent Practice Seminar
Pre-Trial Litigation
Pre-Trial Litigation: Commercial
Professional Responsibility
Professional Responsibility: Ethical Criminal Practice
Property I (Prior to Fall 2014)
Property II 
Property Law Survey
Racism & American Law
Real Estate Transactions
Secured Transactions
Selected Topics in Corporate Law: Garage to IPO
Selected Topics in Racism & American Law
Settling Legal Disputes: Negotiation, Mediation & Mediation Representation (2 credits)
Settling Legal Disputes: Negotiation, Mediation, & Mediation Representation (3 credits)
Sex-Based Discrimination
Sexual Orientation & Law
Small Business & Not-for-Profit Clinic