Transfer Students

Q: Does Touro Law accept transfer students from other law schools?
A: Yes. The Law Center admits students with advanced standing from other law schools. They may enter the program during the fall, spring, or summer semesters and choose full-time day, part-time day, or part-time evening

Q: How many credits will the Law Center accept?
A: Students from ABA-accredited law schools may be awarded advanced standing for up to 43 credits. Students from non-ABA-accredited law schools that are state-accredited may be awarded advanced standing for no more than 29 credits. In both cases, only course grades of C or higher are transferable, and only the credits, not the grades, are transferred.

Q: What are the rules regarding class rank and honors eligibility?
A: For purposes of class rank, there is no distinction between transfer students and students who begin their studies at Touro Law. Depending upon their point of entry, transfer students are generally eligible for academic honors and may compete for membership on Touro Law Review and Moot Court Board.

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