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About the Institute

The Aging and Longevity Law Institute ("ALLI") is designed to provide members of the bench and bar, law students, professionals from other disciplines and members of the community with the information, tools and resources required to address the legal needs of the approximately 100 million Americans that are 50 years of age and older.

ALLI, which is housed at the Touro Law Center, will provide cutting edge, interdisciplinary training and research to the legal community as well as to students. Offering intensive training, encouraging and preparing attorneys to become compassionate and vigorous advocates for their clients, ALLI will foster a commitment to civic engagement on matters affecting the aging community. In addition to significant curricular enhancements, including a concentration in Aging & Longevity Law, Touro Law Center is proud to be partnering with other schools in the Touro community to offer a continuum of professional development through a unique interdisciplinary collaboration.

ALLI recognizes that the study and practice of law is a fluid and organic process. Therefore, with guidance from our Advisory Board, we will work with our community to identify and implement the most effective way to share information and resources. Studies and reports issued by ALLI will identify problems in the law and highlight possible solutions. ALLI will partner with other advocates for the elderly to promote legal changes that enhance healthy, stable, respectful and contented aging both for seniors and those who care for them.

ALLI intends to be at the forefront of innovative thinking on legal issues affecting aging and will publish articles and commentary at the vanguard of academic exploration. Institute publications will offer a venue for the widest exchange of thoughtful discussion on the legal consequences and challenges of aging and longevity.

Under the leadership of ALLI’s founder and chairperson, Robert (“Bob”) Abrams, ALLI will offer a series of advanced continuing legal education programs addressing many of the substantive topics in Aging and Longevity Law. The programs will enrich the educational opportunities for lawyers who will benefit from the unique perspectives of program faculty which shall comprise judges, lawyers, court personnel and other professionals.

As evidenced by the Guardianship Quality Initiative, in addition to providing a valuable educational and practical program for attorneys, ALLI intends to provide program participants with an opportunity to help shape their own educational experience by encouraging a greater level of collaboration through our interactive content management system.

ALLI will be led by Professor Marianne Artusio, who has been named Founding Director. Professor Artusio is an Associate Professor of Law at Touro Law Center and is Director of Touro’s Elder Law Clinic which she started in 1993. Professor Artusio has taught courses in Elder Law, Consumer Law and Professional Responsibility. Professor Artusio has lectured widely to professional audiences, seniors and their families on issues affecting the aging population and the growing epidemic of financial, psychological and personal abuse of the elderly. Robert Cannon, Esq., has been appointed Founding Coordinator. In addition, Bob Abrams, Co-Founder of ALLI and co-founder of Abrams, Fensterman, Fensterman, Eisman, Formato, Ferrara & Wolf, LLP has been appointed Chair ALLI’s Advisory Board. Touro Law students will assist in the Institute’s efforts.

For more information, please contact:

Robert Cannon, Esq.
Coordinator, Aging and Longevity
Law Institute
Touro Law Center
(631) 761-7190