Billy Joel & The Law

March 22-23, 2015
Touro Law Center
This conference followed in the path of previous conferences exploring connections between the work of a singer-songwriter and the American legal system. In 2005, Widener Law School hosted The Lawyer as Poet Advocate: Bruce Springsteen and the American Lawyer, and in 2011, Fordham Law School hosted Bob Dylan and the Law,co-sponsored by Touro Law Center. Building on the success of these events, we considered ways in which Billy Joel’s work relates to American law, society, and culture. Sessions offered a wide range of perspectives, including those of judges, lawyers, law professors, and music scholars. We look forward to a meaningful and entertaining event that fostered thought provoking conversations about the relevance of Billy Joel’s work to our understanding of the American legal system.
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Click here to view the Touro Law Review special volume based on this conference.

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