Structural Barriers and the Pursuit of Equity

Touro Law developed a new interdisciplinary course, "Structural Barriers and the Pursuit of Equity," to be offered as an elective open to any law student and Touro College & University System (TCUS) graduate student or undergraduate student who has completed at least 2 years of undergraduate studies. The course will be taught by 14 faculty members from across TCUS, each of whom will individually or jointly teach one module per week for 13 weeks in this online, asynchronous course. General topics covered in this course will include identity construction, families and children, social welfare system, the Holocaust, civil rights, and the remedial focus on distributive justice.

This course timely is designed to encourage students to critically evaluate structural barriers and equity around them on a daily basis. 

Course Title: Structural Barriers and the Pursuit of Equity

Credits: 3

Course Coordinator: Professor Tiffany C. Graham

Course description: Communities around the United States and around the world are rigorously evaluating the problem of structural discrimination, especially as it relates to the legal, socio-political, and economic impacts of inequality on individual lives. The attention that these issues are receiving from ordinary citizens provides an improved opportunity for developing solutions to the problems that have been plaguing societies for generations. The instructors in this survey course will provide a high-level overview of the problem of structural discrimination as it manifests in a variety of issues across multiple disciplines. Throughout the course, students will develop the analytical tools they need to evaluate some of the structures that produce discrimination so they can understand the impact of these barriers on policy and law.

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