Michael Prywes
Adjunct Professor of Law

Entertainment Law
He is also a bestselling author ("The Gasp: How to Seize That A-Ha! Moment and Turn It Into a Winning Business") and former media professional with a background in film, video, art, music, Internet, and law. Michael is the former President of 2 Life! Films, LLC, which produced his theatrically-released award-winning comedy feature “Returning Mickey Stern" (PG-13). Michael has served as an advisor to a number of production companies and film festivals, as well as Associate Producer on the Sundance entry “The Perpetual Life of Jim Albers” and Tribeca entry “The Look.” Michael’s spec script for “Without a Trace” was a finalist for the (s)cript magazine Television Writing Competition and his original screenplay “The King of Summer” was a finalist for the “Heart of Film” Screenwriting Competition.

A tech enthusiast since the age of 5, when he learned to program Basic on a TI-99/4A, Michael built the first globally crowdsourced audience voting entertainment site, CastOurMovie, which was featured in the Industry Standard, Time, Entertainment Weekly, and U.S. News and World Report. 

On the legal side of the entertainment and creative industries, Michael is counsel to the Long Island Film and Television Foundation and teaches Entertainment Law at Touro Law School and Media Law at Five Towns College. He has served as Law Clerk for New Video Group/Docurama (now Cinedigm), distributor of the A&E/History, Scholastic, and Major League Baseball labels, and has worked for ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Performers). Michael has been involved in the drafting of agreements and negotiations with the companies guiding the future of media and technology convergence: Amazon Unbox, Apple iTunes, Netflix, etc.

To learn more about Michael, check out his site at http://www.MichaelPrywes.com

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