Myra Berman
Associate Dean for Experiential Learning & Special Programs and Associate Professor of Law

Myra  Berman

A.B., M.A., Brooklyn College
M.S.W., Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services
J.D., summa cum laude, Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
LL.M., New York University School of Law

American Trial Courts
American Legal Studies Practicum
Legal Education - Contracts II
Rights of Children
Professor Myra Berman is the Associate Dean for Experiential Learning & Special Programs and Associate Professor of Law.

Berman began her tenure at Touro Law as Assistant Director of Academic Development. She helped to develop and implement programs that ensured rigorous course work to prepare students for a successful career in the law. After several years in that role, Berman became the creator and director of Touro Law’s innovative Collaborative Courts Program. In her capacity in that position, she designed unique programs that placed law school students in the federal and state courthouses. She developed relationships with members of the Bench and Bar and created programs that exposed students to the work and people of the courts and involved the students as participants in multiple ways in court proceedings. In 2012, Berman was appointed as the law school’s first Associate Dean for Experiential Learning. In this role she has been instrumental in implementing innovative, practice-based, skills-focused programs at the law school and continues to participate in the development of curricular options for Touro Law students. Additionally, she spearheaded the school’s involvement with Suffolk County’s Access to Justice Program and continues to work closely with students on various probono and extra-curricular activities that enhance the classroom experiences of our students. During her time at Touro Law she has created and expanded upon numerous collaborative court programs, access to justice initiatives, and programs to benefit the neighborhood and community.

In 2018, she was appointed Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, first working to implement comprehensive curricular changes and later working to prepare for and succeed in dealing with the pandemic and with the ABA site visit. However, she continued in her role as the Experiential Learning Associate Dean and, when her term as Academic Dean ended, she added Special Programs, specifically the FlexTime JD Program, to her purview. In her role as Director of the FlexTime JD Program, she has been instrumental in integrating the program and its students into the fabric of the law school.

In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Berman also teaches several courses including Constitutional Law, Children and the Law, Criminal Law and Family Law. Professor Berman is described by her students as one of the finest teachers at the law center and has been honored as Class Professor at Commencement numerous times.

Professor Berman attended Touro Law part-time while working as a senior executive of a not-for-profit family services agency. Prior to entering the Child Welfare field as a social work administrator, she was involved in undergraduate and graduate teaching. In addition to teaching law, she has taught English Composition, English Literature, and served as a Field Instructor to graduate level Social Workers.

She holds a BA in history, MA in English, and MSW in Social Work and both a JD and LLM degree.

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