February 2022


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Honors, Awards & Appointments:

Richard Klein, elected, Board of Directors, New York City Peace Corps Association (2022).


John Linarelli, moderator & panelist, Globalism and Restorative Justice, Redressing Legacies of Injustice CLE, Touro Law Center (Feb. 16, 2022).

Patricia Salkin, moderator & organizer, Reconciling the Past and Planning for the Future: The Use of Racial Impact Assessments in Land Use Planning and Zoning, ABA State and Local Government Law Section (Feb. 11, 2022).


Rodger Citron, presented, Justice Stephen Breyer-A Look Back at His Career, CUT TO THE CHASE PODCAST (Feb. 24, 2022).

Samuel Levine, was interviewed & featured in, Nicholas Spangler, Central Islip Psych Center's Cemetery Restoration to Resume after Delays, NEWSDAY & NEWSDAY TV (Feb. 5, 2022).

Samuel Levine, was featured in, Honoring Disability Day of Mourning 2022, CAMPUS & COMMUNITY BLOG (Feb. 23, 2022).

Samuel Levine, was quoted in, SU to Commemorate Disability Day of Mourning with Event in Bird Library, THE DAILY ORANGE (Feb. 28, 2022).

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