November 2019


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Samuel J. Levine, is currently in the top 10% of Authors on SSRN by total new downloads within the last 12 months.

Samuel J. Levine, is currently in the top 10% of Authors on SSRN by all-time downloads.

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Mentions and Thanks in Touro Law Review:

Marianne Artusio, Linda Baurle, Myra Berman, Irene Crisi, Patricia Desrochers, Eileen Kaufman, Lynne Adair Kramer, Paula Kutch, Samuel Levine, Tracy McGaugh Norton, Patricia Rooney, Kenneth Rosenblum, Patricia Salkin, Rena Seplowitz, Linda Howard Weissman and Margarett Williams, Thomas Maligno & Benjamin Rajotte, Trial by Water: Reflections on Superstorm Sandy, 35 TOURO L. REV. 957 (2019).

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