Student Spotlight: Lisaann London

Student Spotlight: Lisaann London

Lisaann London is a 2L full-time day student who has a passion for helping those in need and fighting for social justice. She is an active member of several student organizations and worked as a legal intern over the summer at Legal Aid Society of Nassau County as a recipient of a summer public interest fellowship.

Why did you decide to go to law school?
Growing up, I always spoke up for those who found it challenging to do it for themselves. When I was finally at an age to recognize the adversities faced in my community, specifically related to the law, it sparked a fire in me to be an attorney. I started as a legal assistant for a non-profit organization, Queens Defenders, and I fell in love with wanting to be a part of "the change" in the criminal justice system. I wanted to help individuals from marginalized communities more than I was doing in my role. My passion drove me to apply to law school to become an attorney.

Are you involved in any student groups/clubs/activities?
I am the Family Law Society's Vice President and treasurer for both the Black Law Students Association and Suffolk County Bar Association Student Committee. Being a part of these organizations reflects my passions and interests as an aspiring attorney. My involvement will contribute to my development as a lawyer, primarily due to the networking component of each organization.

Where did you work over the summer?
Over the summer, I served as a legal intern with The Legal Aid Society of Nassau County's Juvenile Rights Unit. There, I assisted attorneys with representing minors in juvenile delinquency and Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS) proceedings. Pursuant to a student practice order, I represented clients on the record in the Nassau County Family Court. I gained valuable insight and techniques to navigate Juvenile Delinquency and PINS proceedings. I was able to assist with conferencing cases with the Family Court's Deputy County Attorney and Court Attorney to discuss case statuses and possible dispositions. I interviewed clients, parents, and members of organizations to ensure we gathered all the information needed to provide the best representation to our clients. Working with young people has always been a passion of mine. Throughout my life, many people told me that I have a special connection with young people, which allows me to meet them where they are. Being able to meet a client where they are, especially a child, is vital to address the issue that led them into trouble with the law. This internship opportunity was possible because I was selected recipient of the Fannie and Samuel Glickstein Summer Interest Fellowship by the Touro Public Interest Committee. This fellowship allowed me to maximize my experience by being in court daily.

Can you tell us about your experience in The Trial Advocacy and Practice Society (TAPS) thus far?
TAPS has been nothing short of an AMAZING experience. I am still speechless from being selected as the Fall 2022 Opening Statement Competition – 1st Place Advocate. Being a part of an Honor Society specifically tailored for future trial attorneys has been a dream. I can hone my skills and network with amazing colleagues with the same passion.

What is your role as a Student Ambassador?
As a student ambassador, I want to be what every law student wishes they had when starting their law school journey. I am whatever the prospective law students need me to be, a mentor, a friend, a tutor, or a listening ear.

What advice would you give prospective or current student?
Law school is tough and sometimes overwhelming, but there is joy in being here. Coming this far is a win within itself, and you need to remember that at all times. So, on those really tough days, give yourself grace and a pat on the back -- you will be surprised how much easier things get for you!

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in the public interest field, representing clients from marginalized communities. I aim to work with juveniles and adults in the criminal justice system. My past experiences inspired me to work in an area that not only works on the legal aspect of the case but ensures that the client receives adequate services to succeed once the case is resolved. I want to address the underlying issues contributing to poor judgment and court involvement.



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