Student Spotlight: Joshua Vaiman

Joshua Vaiman, President of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society, is a 3L full-time day student and was recently named President of the Student Bar Association. He hopes to graduate and work in the field of Sports Law as an agent or in-house counsel. He is a dedicated student who is passionate about both the law and sports. And, he is one of the school’s biggest cheerleaders, serving as a student ambassador for Touro Law.

What made you pursue a legal career?
My biggest inspiration for wanting to go to law school was an undergraduate internship at the Queens County Criminal Court in Summer 2018. That summer I had the unique opportunity to be able to witness different kinds of criminal court proceedings including Youth Court and Drug Court. While I enjoyed every second of it, my mind, unfortunately, was also opened up to the harsh reality of how the criminal justice system in our country unequally targets certain groups more than others. I was inspired to go to law school to become an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. I chose Touro because over the years I had met many successful attorneys who owe their careers to the amazing faculty, curriculum, alumni network, and location that our school has to offer.

Why did you decide to pursue sports and entertainment law?
I have always been a big fan of sports from a young age. So, when I decided to go to law school, sports and entertainment was a field that I was naturally drawn to. I thought that if this was something I could make a career out of, then I would be getting the best of both worlds—having a job that I love while making a living and building a career. What I have learned so far is that the field of sports & entertainment law is unique and sort of a niche. I am always thinking about what is next or what is up-and-coming and I believe sports and entertainment is exactly that. The field, especially from a legal perspective, always has the potential to blow up in certain areas that nobody really expects. The unknown is something that excites me. I hope to land a full-time job in this area while also doing some probono work to assist high school and college athletes with legal needs that arise from name, image, and likeness compensation.

What inspired you to get involved in the Sports & Entertainment Law Society at Touro?
The Sports and Entertainment Law Society is a group of students who are eager to learn more about the laws that relate to sports leagues and the entertainment industry. This includes staying up to date with legislation pertaining to the NIL laws, contract disputes, pop culture, and of course both college and professional sports leagues.

Before my 1L year even began, I was a part of the LEAP program and they hosted a mini-organization fair. I noticed the Sports & Entertainment Law Society did not take part in it, but I remembered seeing it on the list of active student-run organizations we were given beforehand. I quickly emailed their President at the time, and coincidentally they were looking for a new secretary which I immediately agreed to be. I dedicated myself to that role throughout my 1L year and now I serve as the organization’s President. We are an active organization with great student membership and events that attract many from the Touro Law community including students, faculty, and staff. We are looking to expand and include some alumni at our events and continue to grow our presence in the school. We also are looking forward to planning some larger-scale events to bring everyone together and learn about various sports and entertainment law areas.

What are your career aspirations?
I would love to one day either be a sports agent or general counsel for a professional team and/or sporting league. There is also the possibility of returning to my roots—I spent a lot of time working in division one athletics during my undergrad years. I served as one of the University at Albany’s D1 Football Team’s Student Managers from Spring 2016 through the Fall 2016-17 season. I then transferred to Binghamton University where I took on a greater role in the Athletic Department serving as both one of the head student assistants in the Equipment Room as well as student liaison between the greater Binghamton Community and the school’s Division 1 Athletic Department. I think having a law background and some experience in working in collegiate athletics, coupled with my passion for both the law and sports, could potentially help me progress in the field.

Is there anything else you would like to tell students about the Sports & Entertainment Law student organization?
Sports and Entertainment Law is a field that has endless opportunities. At first glance you may not even be aware of all the different areas that it includes, but it really is uncharted territory with limitless possibilities. This field is ever evolving. If I could offer students any advice it would be to stay curious, don't be afraid to ask questions, do what you love and do what you are passionate about. Feel free to reach out and get involved. I tried to take every opportunity as a 1L and there are still things that I want to get done before I leave. I want to turn this organization into one that lasts for a long time.

Why did you decide to serve as an Ambassador for the Office of Admissions?
For me, it has always been important to give back to the schools that I have attended. Going all the way back to my high school years, I always participated in Open Houses for prospective students because I felt as though I could always offer realistic insight to the incoming classes. I love to meet new people, and learn about their stories, and establish networks, especially when those people could turn out to be my future classmate and eventually professional colleagues. In my mind, there was no better way to do so than being a part of the amazing Student Ambassador team we have here at Touro.

What advice would you offer to a prospective student considering Touro Law?
Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and ask questions from your professors, peers, upperclassman, and really anyone you see around the Law Center. Here at Touro, we are lucky enough to not only have a group of faculty and staff who are some of the most knowledgeable scholars in their fields but are also the most personable group of educators and administrators you can find. They all have an open-door policy and are always available to help in any way they can. Be yourself, reach out and speak up when you think you need a helping hand, and always remember that we are all in it together.


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