Welcome to Touro Law!

Welcome to Touro Law!

Touro Law is pleased to welcome 166 incoming students this year who will begin their journey to earning a law degree! Orientation was held to introduce students to life at Touro Law, set expectations, offer them necessary resources and tools, hear from current students as well as alumni, and provide a chance to get to know one another. We wish these new students the best of luck throughout their tenure at Touro Law!


Touro Law's Legal Education Access Program (LEAP) was held prior to Orientation for admitted students who were interested in participating. The program provides inspiring academic support and mentorship to prepare students to achieve at a high level of success in law school.

LEAP consists of a four-week summer program that helps incoming Touro Law students develop the crucial study and exam skills required for success. This voluntary program is conducted in the evenings and is offered at no cost.

Teaching assistant (TA) sessions were conducted for LEAP students by highly successful upper-division LEAP students. The TAs serve as mentors to first-year students helping them develop their study methods and test-taking ability. Through the positive and supportive atmosphere for success created by LEAP, participants have historically achieved impressive academic success and have excelled in leadership roles at the Law Center.

LEAP is offered under the direction of Tiffany Graham, Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion and Associate Professor of Law, along with two student co-executive directors, Thomas Flesher and Bethann Wolfe.

Bethann stated, "What I love about the LEAP program is that it's a baton that is passed through generations of students here at Touro. The program itself is constantly tailored to the needs of incoming students and provides students with the opportunity to get a jumpstart on law school classes and meet fellow classmates before the beginning of the semester."


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