Touro Law and SCBA's Mock Property Closing Event

On the evening of March 19, 2024, the Suffolk County Bar Association, in a remarkable collaboration with the Touro Law Center Real Estate Law Society, spearheaded an innovative educational event that brought together the realms of theoretical knowledge and practical application in the field of real estate law. The event, a "Mock Property Closing" Continuing Legal Education (CLE) session, was designed to offer both student participants from Touro and seasoned Real Estate attorneys a hands-on experience of the intricacies involved in a residential real estate closing.

The session was meticulously structured to replicate the dynamics of an actual residential real estate closing, with participants assuming the various roles typically present during such transactions. This immersive approach not only provided a realistic view of the closing process but also underscored the importance of understanding the roles and responsibilities of each participant, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

A core objective of this event was to equip attorneys, both novice and experienced, with the essential knowledge and skills needed to conduct a residential real estate closing efficiently and effectively. Participants were guided through the myriad issues and challenging scenarios that can arise during a closing, offering insights into how to navigate these hurdles adeptly. Additionally, the event served as a comprehensive primer on the different forms and documentation necessary for a smooth closing process, ensuring participants left with a thorough understanding of the legal and procedural frameworks governing residential real estate transactions.

This innovative CLE event underscores the Suffolk County Bar Association’s and Touro Law Center Real Estate Law Society's commitment to fostering educational growth and professional development within the legal community, particularly in the ever-evolving field of real estate law. It was an evening of learning, practical application, and networking, providing invaluable insights for all attendees and setting a new standard for legal education in real estate.


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