Honors Program Spotlight

The Touro Law Center Honors Program offers special opportunities to those students showing high academic achievement, strong written and oral communication skills, evidence of intellectual curiosity and engagement, and the motivation to participate in a challenging academic experience.

Approximately twenty-five exceptional students per class year are accepted to the program and enjoy an enriched comprehensive law school experience. Students participate in enhanced academic, experiential, and social opportunities as part of a community of student-scholars.

This year, twenty-eight students were accepted to the program, including 14 full-time students and 14 part-time and FlexTime students.

“We are so pleased to see a growing number of qualified candidates looking to enhance their law school experience through the Honors Program,” stated Associate Dean for Student Services and Records Heather DePierro. “The program provides unique opportunities to engage in law school in challenging and exciting ways.”

Graduating student Danielle Blaustein is an Honors Program student scholar. She states, “The Touro Law Honors Program was very valuable to my law school experience. It allowed me to discuss and learn about important legal topics through a scholarly dialogue between professors and students. It also afforded me to the opportunity to take Honors Trust and Estates with Professor Seplowitz which was by far my favorite class while at Touro.”

You can learn more about the honors program by visiting www.tourolaw.edu/honorsprogram.


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