Graduate Spotlight: Jackie Fink

Growing up, Jackie was taught that hard work and dedication were the foundation for success. She witnessed her parents achieve success in their respective careers and both of her older sisters achieved their dreams through hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Jackie was inspired to dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams as she forged her own path in the field of law.

Since she was a little girl, Jackie was interested in the law. She watched television shows that explored law, crime and punishment including Law and Order and Criminal Minds. She says, “I knew from an early age that I would earn a law degree. I had no idea that law school would have such a profound effect on my life. I truly believe that these past three years helped transform me into the person I was destined to be.”

Jackie worked full-time while earning her undergraduate degree and continued working after she graduated. She says she was dedicated to her job, was being promoted, and enjoyed the experience. However, she hadn’t given up on her dream to study the law. In 2021, four years after she graduated from college, she finally applied to law school. She said, “I chose Touro Law because Touro Law believed in me! I remember opening my acceptance letter, which also included a scholarship offer, and immediately crying tears of joy. I took a four-year break between college and law school and I knew that I did not want to wait any longer. Touro Law was also only a short distance from my home, which allowed me to take advantage of my family’s support and allowed me to use the extra time I did not spend commuting to study and work part-time.”

She began her studies at Touro Law in the Fall of 2021 and never looked back. The values her family instilled were paramount to her success throughout law school. Not only did Jackie work hard to excel in the classroom, but she became a leader within the student body and participated in various externships and fellowships to gain practical experience. She participated in the EDNY Justice Institute, where she mentored high school students in a mock trial. She held an internship at the Nassau County Attorney’s Office in the litigation bureau, served as a legal extern in the United States Attorney’s Office, served as a judicial extern at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, a Summer Associate at Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, PC, and was named a Pro Bono Scholar for her final semester of law school, where she was assigned to work with Federal Defenders.

Jackie also participated in many student organizations during her time at Touro Law. She was the president of the Federal Bar Association Student Chapter during her final year and prior to that she was on the e-board in various roles. She served as the Project Director for the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP); Vice President for the Touro Tax Law Society, and was an active member of Touro Law Review as a junior staff member, research editor, and online editor. Throughout law school, she planned events for students that would have an impact on their future employment opportunities including speed networking events and meet-and-learn programs with local judges and attorneys.

Jackie says, “I wanted to make sure that I took advantage of all that Touro Law had to offer and I do not regret the long days outlining, studying, or networking. It was all worth it because I can graduate saying that I am proud of all my achievements.”

And proud she is. She has already passed the NY Bar Exam and will begin her legal career working at Ruskin Moscou Faltischek as an associate. In April, she will begin clerking for the Hon. James M. Wicks, US Magistrate Judge for the Eastern District of New York. She knows the years of unwavering commitment to earn her law degree while taking advantage of all of the opportunities available to her were worth the effort. Her family plans to throw a party to celebrate her determination and hard work and to wish her success as she embarks on the pursuit of her dream to practice law and leave an indelible mark on the world.






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