Graduate Spotlight: Kevin Musonza

Kevin is called to roles that help people and has always been interested in the legal system and the law, but didn’t decide to attend law school until a decade after earning his undergraduate degree.

While working at an early intervention center where he assists families with developmentally-delayed children, Kevin enrolled in Touro Law’s FlexTime JD Program, enabling him to maintain his full-time job while earning his law degree.

He states, “Before I even thought of applying to law school, I used to read magazines such as the New Yorker and I was fascinated by the analysis of different legal issues. As a result, I became curious about how the American legal system is organized and how this affects our lives on a daily basis.”

Kevin used his time in law school wisely. He worked full-time, attended classes on Sundays, did reading and school work early mornings before work and continued after work. He set Saturdays aside for family and downtime to recharge for another week ahead. He stated, “For me, it was important to have a balance between work, school, and life.”

During his time in law school, Kevin gained valuable hands-on experience that he knows will translate to success upon graduation. He served as an intern with the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office during the summer of 2023 and served as an extern the following fall at an intellectual property firm focused on trademark and patent issues. Kevin was also a member of the Moot Court Honors Board, where he was able to strengthen the skills he learned in the classroom and put them to use in various practices and competitions.

He is now a Touro Law graduate and ready to begin a new career in the field of law. His old desire to remain an advocate for the underserved still fuels him and his career choice. He accepted a job as an Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx County DA’s office.

Kevin’s advice to anyone considering law school – FlexTime, part-time or full-time is this: “Find a realistic routine that ensures you to keep a good pace during your studies, while allowing for other things that are important to you. Law school really is a marathon and not a sprint! I would also urge students to get involved with student groups on campus and participate in internships and externships. You will be surprised how many doors will open and how many people you will meet as a result of these opportunities. Enjoy the ride and always, always remain grateful.”



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