Structural Barriers & the Pursuit of Equity Spring 2023 Course Being Offered

November 22, 2022

Touro Law is offering a 13-week interdisciplinary elective called “Structural Barriers and the Pursuit of Equity.” This online, asynchronous, 3-credit course is open to Touro Law students, Touro University graduate students, and undergraduate students who have completed at least two (2) years of undergraduate studies.

The course is designed to teach students to identify and evaluate some of the structural barriers that undermine the ability of many people to engage within society on equal grounds. 

Structural Barriers and the Pursuit of Equity will be taught by fourteen (14) faculty members from across Touro University, each of whom will individually or jointly teach one weekly module during the spring semester. The instructors will provide a high-level, multidisciplinary overview of the issues that students encounter during the course. Throughout the semester, students will develop the analytical tools they need to examine structural discrimination and the impact of these barriers on policy and law.

Some of the specific topics covered throughout the course include: the impact of race, gender, and religion on identity formation; inequities in education; the development of key social welfare programs; the economics of discrimination; homelessness policies; the impact of racism and antisemitism on housing policy; the Holocaust, the rule of law, and the development of a post-WWII human rights framework; and reparations. 

Students interested in taking the class should contact the Registrar for their individual school, who will work with the Law School Registrar to enroll.  
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