About the Library

Named for the Gould family, the Gould Law Library is the heart of the Touro LI campus. With over 20 study rooms, a large reading room, two computer labs, and a team of professional librarians to help students and faculty navigate the library’s extensive print and online collection, the library is the school's premier educational and research center.

The library’s unique Judaica Room contains a research collection in Hebrew and English that provides valuable materials on Jewish law, supporting the work of the Jewish Law Institute, courses in Jewish law, and the research needs of religious and legal scholars. In addition, the Lillie Goldstein Collection is a traveling Judaica collection that may be borrowed by law schools without similar resources wishing to offer courses in Jewish law.

The library is also a congressionally designated depository for United States Government documents. Public access to the government document collection is guaranteed by public law (Title 44 United States Code).


  • To support students and faculty in advancing their knowledge of the law in concurrence with the school’s curriculum
  • To promote and assist in the research and scholarship needs of the school community
  • To provide an inviting atmosphere for learning, studying, and scholarly discussion