Selected Topics in Trial Advocacy: Expert Witnesses - LAWN573

2 Credits

Every trial attorney knows that presenting his or her case in a clear, convincing and coherent way is critical to achieving a successful result. Often the outcome of a trial hinges on a battle of the experts. Whether your case involves medical issues, environmental issues, DNA or ballistics, an expert witness must be called to explain these complicated matters to the jury. Your job, as the attorney, is to help your expert to teach the jury your subject matter and to assist the jury in concluding that your expert is more qualified than your adversary’s. Knowing that the other side is trying to accomplish the same goals makes your ability to cross-examine the opposing expert as important as conducting your direct exam. This course will focus on how to direct and cross-examine expert witnesses and each student will be required to conduct both direct and cross-examinations of the witnesses. This summer, we will be working with two actual murder cases which cases were tried in Suffolk County, and for which we have the actual transcripts of the expert testimony. Preparation is absolutely essential if you take this course. Critique and instruction will be given by the professor as well as top attorneys and judges.

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