Selected Topics in Trial Advocacy: Trial of a Family Law Case - LAWN578

2.00 Credits

Family Law cases are a breed unto themselves. These cases are almost always tried to a judge, rather than a jury, and invariably they involve very sensitive issues that require a special type of advocacy. In this course we will focus on representing children who may be victims of neglect and/or abuse, as well as learning how to advocate on behalf of those who are accused of such behavior. For those students or graduates who are interested in joining the 18b and AFC (attorney for the child) panels, this course is designed to provide part of the training necessary to expedite your acceptance to these panels. We will work with one NITA case file that has been specifically designed to deal with the problems unique to family law cases. Students will have the benefit of working with current sitting Family Court Judges and top trial attorneys, who will share their exceptional knowledge and talent with the class and also will critique student performance on a number of different trial skills. Limited to 10 students

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