Selected Topics in Trial Advocacy: Direct Exam and Admission of Evidence - LAWN602

2 Credits

Every trial attorney knows that presenting his or her case in a clear, convincing and coherent way is critical to achieving a successful result. A lawyer rarely gets to choose all of the witnesses he or she must call, nor does the lawyer have self- determination over all of the exhibits he or she will need to get admitted into evidence in order to make out his or her case. Understanding how to examine different types of witnesses, as well as being able to lay a proper foundation for the admission of tricky pieces of evidence, are the focal points of this course. We will use a single case file and have daily assignments requiring students to examine a variety of witnesses, which may include a grieving parent, a child, and or a sophisticated expert. Students will be required to lay the proper foundation to admit a variety of types of evidence during the course of their examinations, from medical records to emails and text messages. Critiques and instruction will be given by the professor and top attorney guests.

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