Health Law - LAWN780

3 Credits

Health Care Law affects every individual in the United States. Health Care Law will identify the major aspects within the field with an emphasis on application of law for advocacy for patients’ rights with respect to substantive law and from within “Health Care Systems”. Constitutional principles applied to Health Care will be examined with both an historical and contemporary lens. It provides an overview and analysis of the basic legal rules that govern the provision of medical care and the regulation of health insurance in the United States. Health Care Law will provide the student with real life scenarios involving life and death decision making, organ transplant, rationing of health care resources. Health Care Law will provide and in-depth examination of payor/provider/patient relationships. The scope of this course is selective in content, however, aspects of tort law, contract law, constitutional law and state and federal regulations will be discussed as they apply to patient care, patient safety and health outcomes. Novel approaches to improving health outcomes utilizing legal advocacy to reduce the disparities of social determinants of health will be discussed.

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