Advanced In-House Clinic - LAWN793

2 or 3 Credits

The Advanced In-House Clinic is available to students who have successfully completed an in-house clinic. The “in-house” clinics are those clinics that are operated out of the law center, and which share clients as a single law office. They include all current clinics with the exception of the Criminal Defense and Criminal Prosecution Clinics. Advanced Clinic provides an opportunity to take on a greater range of responsibilities in casework, to collaborate on cases across clinics through rigorous inter-clinic case rounds and consultation, and to help supervise new clinic students on client work. Students in the Advanced Clinic will continue their ongoing client cases, take on additional cases, deepen their engagement with the relevant substantive issues, and learn from the problems and opportunities presented by the casework of their fellow students. The Advanced In-House Clinic will meet in seminar for one 50-minute session weekly and will take the learning opportunities presented by the students’ casework as its primary material, employing in weekly “case rounds” discussions planned and led by the students. They will engage in structured reflection and consultation with each other about their cases; review and provide feedback on drafts of written submissions; discuss possible strategic and ethical choices that must be made on cases; and “moot” each other to prepare for upcoming court appearances, hearings, or other advocacy contexts. In addition, students will be responsible for selecting substantive issues for more focused examination than is possible in the basic semester-long clinic. Each student or student pair will take responsibility, in collaboration with Professor Healey and their clinic supervisor, for developing a set of readings, questions, and case issues to discuss in the weekly seminar. The students will structure and facilitate group discussions of these topics.

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