American Trial Courts: Introduction to NY St Court Practice - LAWN808

4/3 as of Fall 2016 Credits

This ATC course, designed primarily for 2L students but also open to 3L students, immerses the students in the work of the New York State District, Family and Supreme courts. It is a structured journey through the state courts operating at the Cohalan Court Complex, involving approximately three hours per week of courtroom observation at a scheduled time and in a designated courtroom. During these sessions, the students focus on procedures and substance related to the type of courtroom being observed (e.g. Domestic Violence part, Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Landlord-Tenant Court, Child Support or Child Custody/Visitation parts, Model Guardianship Court, and Integrated Domestic Violence court). Students are expected to engage in discussions with judges and attorneys during these courtroom sessions. Students are also required to actively participate in a three hour weekly seminar. For two hours of the session, judges, practitioners and faculty present students with issues related to theory and practice that correlate closely with the substance of the observation sessions. For one hour of the seminar, students will discuss and work collaboratively with one another, and with guest practitioners, on the written submissions/oral arguments they are assigned to present before a designated state judge. (No prerequisite; pending faulty approval. Satisfies Intermediate Skills Requirement.)

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