Rodger Citron
Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship and Professor of Law

Rodger  Citron


B.A., 1988, summa cum laude, Yale University, Phi Beta Kappa
J.D., 1992, Yale Law School

Civil Dispute Resolution & Procedures
Administrative Law
Complex Litigation
Law and Literature
Selected Political Trials in Israel 
Rodger Citron is a graduate of Yale College, Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude, and Yale Law School, where he was a senior editor of the Yale Law Journal and a recipient of the C. LaRue Munson Prize. After law school, he clerked for the Hon. Thomas N. O'Neill, Jr., of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Before becoming a law professor, he worked as a trial attorney at the United States Department of Justice; a director at FindLaw, Inc.; and an attorney-advisor at the Federal Communications Commission. 

Professor Citron's law review articles have been published in a number of law reviews, including the Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation, the South Carolina Law Review, and the Administrative Law Review, and his student note in the Yale Law Journal has been cited by four courts and in more than 30 law review articles. In addition to the articles he has published in law reviews, Professor Citron is a co-author of A Documentary Companion to Storming the Court (2009). His articles also have been published on Slate, Justia, and SCOTUS blog and in The National Law Journal, The Legal Times, and The Hartford Courant. From January 2007 through December 2010, he served as a reporter for the New York State Pattern Jury Instructions Committee.
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A Documentary Companion to Storming the Court (co-author with Brandt Goldstein and Molly Beutz).

Herman Melville’s Billy Budd: Why this Classic Law and Literature Novel Endures and is Still Relevant Today, 36 Touro L. Rev. 17 (2020) 
Beth Mobley: A Consummate Professional, 34 Touro L. Rev. 1 (2018) (tribute)   
Book Review, Nicholas Carr, The Glass Cage, Automation and Us (2014), 64 J. Legal Educ. 712 (2015) 

From Kiobel Back to Structural Reform: the Hidden Legacy of Holocaust Restitution Litigation
, 2 Stan. J. Complex Litigation 139 (2014) (co-author with Leora Bilsky and Natalie Davidson)
A Life in the Law: An Interview with Drew Days, 30 Touro L. Rev. 153 (2014) (also published online July 2013) 
Persecution through Prosecution:  Revisiting Touro Law Center’s Conference in Paris on the Alfred Dreyfus Affair and the Leo Frank Trial, 29 Touro L. Rev. 1 (2013) (introduction to articles from conference)
The Case of the Retired Justice: How Would Justice John Paul Stevens Have Voted in J. McIntyre Macinery, Ltd. v. Nicastro? 63 S. Car. L. Rev. 643 (2012)  
“Charles Reich” (entry in Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law (2009))
The Personal History of The Greening of America: Charles Reich's Journey from the Yale Law Journal to the New York Times' Best-Seller List 52 N.Y.L. Sch. L. Rev. 387 (2008).

The Nuremberg Trials and American Jurisprudence: The Decline of Legal Realism, the Revival of Natural Law, and the Development of Legal Process Theory, 2006 Mich. St. L. Rev. 385 (2006).

The Nuremberg Trials and American Jurisprudence: The Decline of Legal Realism and the Revival of Natural Law, published in The Nuremberg Trials: International Criminal Law Since 1945 (ed. Herbert Reginbogin & Christoph Safferling) (2006).

Lessons from the Next Wave Saga: The Federal Communications Commission, the Courts, and the Use of Market Forms to Perform Public Functions, 57 Admin. L. Rev. 687 (2005) (co-author with John Rogovin).

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