Experiential Requirement

Effective Fall 2020 for all currently enrolled students

In accordance with ABA Standard 303(a)(3), Touro’s experiential requirement is that students must complete a minimum of 6 credits consisting of any combination of a simulation course, field placement or clinic except that two simulation courses will not satisfy the requirement.

Thus, students may complete: 

1 simulation course + 1 clinic
1 simulation course + 1 field placement
1 field placement + 1 clinic
2 field placements or 2 clinics


All of Touro Law's clinics count toward the 6-credit requirement. 


Touro offers externship opportunities every semester. Generally, there are judicial externships, in both state and federal court, criminal law externships for prosecutors and defense attorneys, and civil externships at private firms of all sizes, engaged in corporate or public interest work, or government offices. The three externship opportunities are:

Civil Practice Externship Seminar and Field Placement (4)
Judicial/Criminal Externship Seminar and Field Placement (4)
Advanced Externship (2)


Touro offers numerous simulation courses each semester. The simulation courses that will satisfy one (1), two (2) or three (3) credits towards your six (6) credit requirement are:

ADR, Moot Court, and TAPS Competition Tutorials (1)
ATC: Introduction to NYS Court Practice (3)
Business Organizations Practice Module (2)
Drafting Commercial Documents (2, 3)
Family Law Practice Module (2)
Honors Trusts & Estates Practice Module (1)
Interviewing, Negotiating and Counseling (3)
Law & Entrepreneurship (3)
Law Practice Management (2)
Legal Ethics – Med Mal (1)
Licensing of Intellectual Property (2)
Mediation (3)
Negotiations (3)
Patent Practice Seminar (2)
Pre-trial Litigation (3)
Selected Topics in Trial Advocacy/Practice (1, 2)
Selected Topics in Criminal Practice (2)
Trial Practice (3)
Trusts & Estates Practice Module (2)

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