First-Year Students

Full-Time Program - Regular 3-Year JD Program:

Students in these programs take a course load totaling 12-16 credits per semester and attend classes Monday through Thursday. Most full-time students complete the JD program within 3 years, but may accelerate to 2 ½ years by attending summer sessions.  
Why Wait? Touro Law has a January start option available for those students who would prefer to start in January rather than wait until August. Touro Law is committed to providing students with flexible options to earn their degree.

Part-Time Programs

FlexTime JDSM Program

This program was designed to accommodate the schedules of students who might typically enter a part-time program but require even more flexibility for work or family obligations. Students in the FlexTime JD program will be able to complete the requirements for their degree in just under four years through a combination of online and on-campus components.
Starting in Fall 2023, the program will require on-campus classes for 12 Sundays for each of the Fall and Spring semesters, 7 Sundays for the Summer semester, plus two additional Sundays for final exams each semester and any makeup Sunday that may be required.  Students must attend one summer semester, generally 7 weeks of Sunday classes plus at least one additional Sunday for final exams and any makeup Sunday that may be required. The remainder of classwork is completed asynchronously, allowing students to complete the work when and where it fits their individual schedules. Subsequently, FlexTime students will be able to take up to 20 credits of entirely online courses during the third and final years. Learn more in the Course Planning Guide.

Four-Year Part-Time Day

Students in the 4-year part-time day program take a course load of 11 credits per semester and attend classes during the day, Monday through Thursday. 

Four-Year Part-Time Evening & Sunday Program

Students in this program attend classes two evenings during the week as well as Sundays during the Fall and Spring semesters, plus additional Sundays for final exams and makeups each semester. Learn more about the program here!
Students may accelerate completion of the program by one semester by attending summer sessions.

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