CLE Financial Aid Policy

The New York State Board of Continuing Legal Education requires that a financial aid policy be in place for all fee-based CLE courses if an attorney or attorneys are unable to attend due to cost considerations.
Attorneys wishing to attend CLE Courses at or through Touro Law Center may apply for tuition assistance based on financial hardship. The request should include the course name, the individual’s current employment status or yearly income, and any other pertinent details regarding the person’s inability to pay. Preference will be given to public interest lawyers, government lawyers, full-time law professors, solo or small firm practitioners of limited means, and unemployed attorneys.

The following guidelines are generally applied when considering a financial aid request:
Unemployed: Full scholarship
Income below $50,000: 75% discount
Income $50,000 to $75,000: 50% discount
Income above $75,00: No discount

Requests must be submitted at least a week prior to the program. An applicant will receive an answer to their request for financial aid within 2 business days of receipt of the request. Please send requests to