Volume 9, Issue 1 - 2019 - 2020

Prefatory Matter
Table of Contents

Syndie G. E. Molina

Our Criminal Justice System Is a Bear Trap
Frederick K. Brewington

Ethical Considerations for Attorneys Researching Jurors on the Internet
Anthony M. LaPinta

What Keith Bush’s Exoneration Teaches Us About Wrongful Convictions
Oscar Michelen

The Central Park Five as “Discrete and Insular” Minorities Under the Equal Protection Clause: The Evolution of the Right to Counsel for Wrongfully Convicted Minors
Todd K. Beharry

Confession Obsession: How to Protect Minors in Interrogations
Cindy Chau

The Future of Pretrial Detention in a Criminal System Looking for Justice
Gabrielle Costa

Police Brutality and State-Sanctioned Violence in 21st Century America
Itohen Ihaza

Remorse, Not Race: Essence of Parole Release?
Lovashni Khalikaprasad

From Common Law to Constitution, Sanctioned Dispossession and Subjugation Through Otherization and Discriminatory Classification
Mobolaji Oladeji

Confessions, Convictions and Controversy: An Examination of False Confessions Leading to Wrongful Convictions in the United States Throughout History
Kirandeep Kaur

As Pertains to the Criminal Justice System, Is Hindsight 20/20?
Syndie G. E. Molina and Cristina Negrillo

The Inconvenience of Justice: How Unmitigated Official Misconduct Almost Destroyed the Lives of Five Young Boys From Harlem
Stefania Bordone and David Wright

The Methodology of Social Adaptation Following the Liberation of a Wrongful Conviction
Ashantwa Jackman