Journal of Race, Gender and Ethnicity 2019-2020

Wendy Claros and Syndie Molina

Managing Editor
Andrea Ennis

Symposium Editors
Patrick Donohue and Connie Villon

Notes and Comments Editors
Leah Jackson and Luisa Rueda

Articles Editor
Irene Satchwell

Research Editor
Aarti Ramani

Associate Editor
David Wright

Staff Members
Stefania Bordone
Cindy Chau
Gabrielle Costa
Shannon Hauth
Itohen Ihaza
Kirandeep Kaur
Mobolaji Oladeji

Faculty Editorial Board
Professor Deseriee Kennedy (Faculty Advisor)
Professor Irene Crisci
Professor Laura Dooley
Professor John Linarelli
Professor Meredith Miller
Professor Jorge Roig
Professor Marjorie Silver