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Library Databases

Databases with a key sign () are password protected. Passwords can be obtained at the Reference Office or at telephone extension 7160.

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ABA/BNA Lawyer's Manual on Professional Conduct   
The ABA/BNA Lawyer's Manual on Professional Conduct is organized into four main sections: the Practice Guides, Ethics Rules, Current Reports, and Ethics Opinions.   
ABI/Inform Dateline (ProQuest)   
This ProQuest database contains local and regional business publications.   
ABI/Inform Global (ProQuest)   
This ProQuest database contains business journals, company profiles, and the Wall Street Journal.   
ABI/Inform Trade and Industry (ProQuest)   
This ProQuest database contains trade and industry periodicals and newsletters.   
Academic OneFile (Gale)   
This database contains over 12,000 journals and reference sources, many of which are peer-reviewed and full text. It has extensive coverage of the law, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature and more.   
Academic Search Complete   
This database provides full text or abstract versions of thousands of scholarly publications.   
Accounting for Income Taxes (BNA)   
This database provides resources and analysis on the financial accounting and reporting standards for the effects of income taxes under FASB Statement 109 and the related FIN 48 interpretation. This Library includes the Accounting for Income Taxes Monitor (which tracks legal developments and offers expert guidance on the issues) and Accounting for Income Taxes Special Reports.   
Accounting Policy & Practice Report (BNA)   
Accounting Policy & Practice Report(TM) contains expert, authoritative perspectives on emerging, evolving, and complex accounting issues. Issues covered include: rules for revenue recognition, valuation of intangibles, leasing, book-tax reconciliation, pro forma reporting, internal controls defined benefit pension plans, transparency of financial statements and interim financial statements.   
ACLS Humanities E-Book Project   
Search and browse over 1,500 e-books on various cultures and history including the history of technology (formerly the History E-Book Project)   
AILALink, from the American Immigration Lawyers Association, offers the ability to search and browse immigration law resources such as statutes and regulations; court and administrative decisions; memos, cables, and minutes; government manuals; forms; AILA books and periodicals; and links to useful internet resources. Access to fastcase is also provided. Simultaneous use is limited, so contact a reference librarian if you have difficulty accessing the site.   
Alternative Investment Law Report (BNA)   
This weekly report details current legal and regulatory developments affecting alternative investment vehicles.   
American National Biography   
American National Biography contains historical materials relating to prominent American figures and offers a biographical dictionary of important people.   
Americans with Disabilities Act Manual (Bloomberg/BNA)   
This reference source provides analysis, guidance and primary source material on the Americans with Disabilities Act.   
Antitrust & Trade Regulation Daily (BNA)   
This report provides federal, state, and international coverage of competition and deceptive trade practices law.   
Antitrust & Trade Regulation Resource Center (BNA)   
This resource center provides federal, state, and international coverage of competition and deceptive trade practices law. It includes caselaw, legal analysis, news, and practice & compliance resources.   
Antitrust and Trade Regulation Report (BNA)   
This database contains federal, state, and international coverage of competition and deceptive trade practices law including significant competition, current developments and emerging issues.   
Archives Unbound (Gale)   
Archives Unbound is a digital collection of historical documents, dating from the Middle Ages forward. Please be aware that we do not subscribe to all available collections, but you may browse the free index to search for (but not view) documents that are outside our subscription.   
Associations Unlimited   
Based on the Encyclopedia of Associations, this database provides information regarding thousands of national and international associations.   

Banking Daily (BNA)   
This daily report contains the latest news and analysis of banking laws, rules and regulations, as well as case law.   
Banking Report (BNA)   
This weekly report contains the latest news and analysis of banking laws, rules, regulations and court decisions.   
Bankruptcy Law Daily (Archives) (BNA)   
This database contains archives of the Bankruptcy Law Daily reports dated from July, 1998 to April 1, 2010, which provided legal, legislative and regulatory developments in bankruptcy law.   
Bankruptcy Law Resource Center (BNA)   
BNA'S Bankruptcy Law Resource Center provides in-depth, and practice-oriented news, full text of cases, the federal Bankruptcy Code and Rules with annotations, and legal analysis, practitioner-authored portfolios, BNA Insights, expert analysis from American Bankruptcy Institute authors, forms and checklists, and a Bankruptcy Court Directory with contact information for judges and clerks.   
Bar Ilan University Responsa   
The Global Jewish Database (the Responsa Project) contains the world's largest electronic collection of Jewish texts in Hebrew ever recorded, which embody thousands of years of Jewish learning. The database includes numerous works from the Responsa Literature - rabbinic case-law rulings which represent the historical-sociological milieu of real-life situations. Does not support all browsers.   
Benefits Practice Resource Center (BNA)   
This extensive database contains Employee Benefits, ERISA Compliance & Enforcement and Executive Compensation Libraries. It also contains laws, regulations and agency documents relating to tax and labor law.   
Bibliography of the Hebrew Book   
This database offers a comprehensive bibliography of approximately 90% of all books printed in the Hebrew language between 1470 and 1960.   
BioTech Watch (BNA)   
This daily report provides regulatory and legal coverage of biotechnology issues.   
Bloomberg Law   
This database provides Bloomberg BNA content, integrated into a system of primary and secondary legal content for legal research purposes, company and market information and news. It also provides access to our workflow tools. Students can also access federal dockets through this legal research database.   
BNA - All Databases   
This link includes all BNA databases within Touro Law Center's subscription plan. There are over 100 different databases that cover a wide array of legal subjects. Each BNA database is also listed individually according to the subject it covers.   
Broker/Dealer Compliance Report (BNA)   
This weekly report provides information about federal and state securities laws, SEC regulations, and policies of the National Associations of Securities Dealers, Inc. and other organizations and agencies that are concerned with compliance issues.   
Business Insights: Essentials (Gale)   
This Gale database features company profiles and histories, industry and brand information, investment reports and articles from thousands of business periodicals.   
Business Source Complete (EBSCO)   
This EBSCO database contains company profiles for the world's largest companies, as well as business publications and economic journals.   

This law school consortium creates computer-mediated legal instruction. Passwords are available at the library reference desk.   
CasemakerX provides free access to the Casemaker legal research database for law school students and faculty. Users can search for both federal and state statutes, cases, and other primary legal sources and have access to the Casemaker cite check and alert system. You must register using your e-mail address to access this database. Learn more here:   
CCH Intelliconnect   
All CCH subscription databases can be found in this unified platform. Subjects include: health care, labor law, benefits and compliance information. Kluwer Arbitration (which has International Commercial Arbitration materials), the Trial Attorneys Integrated Library, the Directory of Federal Judges and the CCH Internet Tax Research Network are also included.   
Central Search   
Simultaneously search all of the databases provided by Touro College.   
Chemical Regulation Daily (Archives) (BNA)   
This database contains archives of the Chemical Regulation Daily bulletin dated from July 7, 1998 to October 13, 2009, which provided legislative, regulatory and judicial developments in the chemical regulation field.   
Chemical Regulation Reporter - (BNA)   
This weekly report provides current and pending legislative developments, regulatory changes, agency actions and court decisions in the chemical regulation field.   
Chicago Manual of Style   
This database contains a quick reference guide, tools, and answers to questions regarding current editorial style and publishing practices.   
Chronicle of Higher Education   
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports the news of colleges and universities.   
Class Action Litigation Report (BNA)   
This report, which is published semi-monthly, tracks and analyzes class actions and multiparty litigation in all jurisdictions in every subject area.   
Collective Bargaining Negotiations and Contracts (BNA)   
Part of the Labor Arbitration and Collective Bargaining Portfolio in the Labor & Employment Law Resource Center, this resource offers a collective bargaining newsletter, an index to find collective bargaining contract clauses, and practice tools to negotiate collective bargaining agreements.   
Computer Technology Law Report (BNA)   
This semi-monthly report provides coverage of federal, state and international laws involving the computer technology industry.   
Construction Labor Report (BNA)   
This weekly report contains information about the legal issues affecting the construction industry, such as, labor-management, union and government regulations.   
Corporate Accountability & Fraud Daily (Archives) (BNA)   
This database contains archives of Corporate Accountability & Fraud Daily dated from November 1, 2002 to March 29, 2010, which provided information regarding corporate governance and compliance.   
Corporate Compliance Library (BNA)   
This database contains the Corporate Compliance Manual which details corporate compliance programs as well as specific risk areas. The database also contains the Prevention of Corporate Liability: Current Reports.   
Corporate Counsel Weekly (BNA)   
This service provides trends and developments in corporate law and details the legal issues affecting corporations today.   
Corporate Governance Library (BNA)   
This database contains the complete text of Title 8 of the Delaware Code, as well as analysis. It also contains a monthly Corporate Governance Report and working papers.   
Corporate Law & Accountability Report (BNA)   
This weekly report details developments in legislation, regulations, case law, enforcement policies and industry trends regarding corporate governance and compliance.   
Corporate Law Daily (BNA)   
This daily report provides information regarding judicial, legislative, regulatory and tax issues that pertain to corporations.   
Corporate Law Resource Center (BNA)   
This database contains in-depth coeverage of approximately 60 topics that are significant to corporate law practitioners. It also includes the complete texts of Title 8 of the Delaware Code and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, as well as, the weekly "Corporate Counsel" newsletter and working papers.   
Credo Reference   
This reference resource contains e-books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, quotations, digitized artwork and science images, audio pronunciation files, interactive maps, a citation formatter, mathematical conversions, and other reference aids.   
Criminal Law Reporter (BNA)   
This reporter contains current and significant developments, trends, and emerging patterns in criminal law today. is a collection of resources for learning the Daf Yomi. The main content of is the audio shiurim of the Talmud which were given by Rav Dovid Grossman from 1985 to 1992 for the community of Los Angeles. The shiurim were originally recorded on audio cassettes and later encoded to digital format. They are presented together with the tzuras hadaf - picture of the page - from the Vilna shas, provided by Other shiurim are also provided on Mishna, Chumash and holidays   
Daily Labor Report (BNA)   
This database contains judicial, legislative, administrative and regulatory information regarding labor relations issues.   
Daily Report for Executives (BNA)   
This report provides the latest information regarding government actions that affect business and lobbying concerns.   
Daily Tax Report (BNA)   
This report provides up-to-date information regarding developments in tax regulations, legislation and court decisions. Daily email alerts from Daliy Tax Report RealTime are included, as well as TaxCore, which contains full-text documents from sources such as Congress, the IRS and the Treasury Department.   
Directory of databases provided by Touro College   
A password is required for off-campus use. Please contact the reference for further information ( or 631.761.7160).   

E-Commerce Law Daily (Archives) (BNA)   
This database contains archives of E-Commerce Law Daily dated from April 23, 2001 to March 29, 2010, which provided information regarding trends and developments in laws and regulations effecting the digital economy.   
E-Commerce Tax Report (Archives) (BNA)   
This database, which was published every business day until its final issue on December 30, 2013, provided information regarding federal, state and international taxation of e-commerce, including legislation, regulation and court decisions. Similar content can now be found in BNA Daily Tax Report and BNA Electronic Commerce & Law Report.   
ebrary eBooks   
This database contains e-books on subjects including business and economics, technology, education, history, politics, humanities literature, law, international relations, public policy and many other topics.   
Ebsco eBook Collection (was netLibrary)   
NetLibrary contains thousands of full-text e-books on various academic topics.   
EBSCO Host Multi database search   
Search several of EBSCO's databases simultaneously - including ERIC, Professional Development Collection, Newspaper Source, MasterFILE Premier, MEDLINE, Business Source Complete and Academic Search Complete.   
Ebscohost Mobile   
Search Ebscohost from your mobile computing device or phone.   
eDiscovery Resource Center (BNA)   
This database provides current information and analysis of legislation, regulations and court decisions regarding the management of electronic data and discovery and presentation of e-evidence.   
EHS Federal Regulatory Alert (BNA)   
This database provides up-to-date summaries of environment and safety regulations promulgated by federal agencies, such as, EPA, OSHA, FDA, DOI, NRC and DOT.   
EHS State Regulatory Alert (BNA)   
This database provides an up-to-date summary and overview of Environment and Safety regulations issued by all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.   
Eighteenth Century Collections Online (Gale)   
This database provides significant English-language and foreign-language titles printed in Great Britain during the eighteenth century, along with thousands of important works from the Americas. Content includes documents relating to Eighteenth Century law, history, geography, social and physical sciences, fine arts, religion, language, technology and reference.   
Electronic Commerce & Law Report (BNA)   
Electronic Commerce & Law Report features coverage of the major legal issues surrounding digital communications content, transactions, and infrastructure, on federal, state, and international levels.   
Employment Discrimination Report (BNA)   
This weekly report provides coverage of judicial, legislative and regulatory developments in the equal employment opportunity field.   
Employment Discrimination Verdicts & Settlements (BNA)   
This database contains thousands of employment discrimination verdicts, settlements and awards dating back to January 1996.   
Encyclopedia Brittanica   
Encyclopedia Brittanica online.   
Energy & Climate Report (BNA)   
This daily report provides information regarding current and proposed legislation, regulations and policies to mitigate and monitor climate change worldwide. It also contains information about climate change and global warming, as well as energy usage, efficiency and alternative energy sources.   
Environment & Safety Resource Center (BNA)   
This database provides information regarding federal, state and international environment and safety laws and regulation. It includes full text, as well as summaries and analyses, of regulations, staututes and cases.   
Environment Report (Daily) (BNA)   
BNA's Daily Environment Report details the judicial, legislative and regulatory developments regarding environmental law, both in the United States and internationally.   
Environment Reporter (BNA)   
This Bureau of National Affairs publication is a weekly bulletin offering coverage of legislative, regulatory, legal, and policy news concerning the environment.   
Environmental Due Diligence Guide Report (BNA)   
This monthly report provides legal, regulatory and judicial information regarding compliance with environmental due diligence.   
Environmental Law Reporter    Password is required. Call the Library (ext. 7160) for help.
The Environmental Law Reporter looseleaf service's online version contains articles, cases, statutes, agency documents and other relevant items dealing with environmental law topics.   
The Educational Resource Information Center (ERIC) contains full-text education resources from journals listed in the Current Index of Journals in Education and the Resources in Education Index.   
ERISA Litigation Tracker (BNA)   
This resource center provides full text of complaints, briefs, motions, decisions, and other filings in ERISA litigation, updated by the next Court day. Q & As with ERISA litigation attorneys are also provided.   
Expert Evidence Report (BNA)   
This semimonthly report provides state and federal court rulings, legislative proposals and rule reforms that affect the admissibility of expert evidence.   
Export Reference Library (BNA)   
This database provides information regarding the export business including country profiles, trade blocs, international shipping rules, trade agreements and forms.   

Family Law Reporter (BNA)   
This BNA publication is a nationally oriented guide to new federal and state cases, legislation, trends, and issues concerning family law.   
Fastcase is a 50-state and federal case law database, including federal district, bankruptcy, tax courts, federal and state statutes and regulations and authority check for related citations.   
Federal Contracts Daily (Archives) (BNA)   
This database contains archives of Federal Contracts Daily dated from July 7, 1998 to November 24, 2009, which provided information regarding legislation, regulation and policies affecting procurement and management of federal contracts.   
Federal Contracts Report (BNA)   
These weekly reports contain information regarding the current issues affecting federal procurement and grant policies and management programs.   
FLSA Litigation Tracker (BNA)   
This resource center provides full text of complaints, briefs, motions, decisions, and other filings in FLSA and wage and hour litigation, updated by the next Court day. Q & As with FLSA and wage and hour litigation attorneys are also provided.   
Foreign Law Guide   
Foreign Law Guide provides information on sources of foreign law, including complete bibliographic citations to legislation, the existence of English translations whenever possible, indications of currentness of the legal materials listed, and, finally, selected references to secondary sources in English.   

Gale PowerSearch   
This database combines almost all of the subscribed Gale databases and allows access to all content through a single simultaneous search.   
Gale Virtual Reference Library   
This Novel database can search business, history, and medicine texts. The database also includes Encyclopedia Judaica, 2nd ed., which is an authoritative source on Jewish culture, scholarship, history and modern Jewish life.   
General OneFile (Gale)   
This general periodical database contains over 12,000 periodicals, newspapers, reference books and multimedia sources, over half of which are full text. Subjects include law, humanities, education, environmental issues, technology, health care, politics and more.   
Government Employee Relations Report (BNA)   
This database provides coverage of current public-sector employment, personnel and labor relations developments at federal, state and local levels.   
Green Incentives (BNA)   
This database provides access to information about federal and state incentives aimed at encouraging the use of renewable energy and promoting conservation. It includes the Green Incentives Navigator, a chart-builder tool to track incentives, the Green Incentives Monitor, and access to primary source documents.   
GreenFile (EBSCO)   
Search citations and abstracts of articles from 600 periodicals on topics such as globalwarming, recycling alternative fuel sources and beyond.   
Grolier Online   
This website contains the online Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, and Grolier online dictionaries, atlas and teacher resources., developed by Herzog College, includes a digital edition of the Bible, as well as commentaries, articles, maps of Biblical locations, and more.   
Health Care Policy Report (BNA)   
This is a weekly news report about health care regulation and policy proposals, debates, and responses on the federal, state, and private-sector levels.   
Health Insurance Report (BNA)   
This database provides coverage of legal, legislative, regulatory and other activities concerning in the managed care industry.   
Health IT Law & Industry Report (BNA)   
This database provides news and analysis of the regulatory, legal and compliance issues surrounding health information technology, including rules regarding data breaches, privacy, and the exchange of health data and informtation.   
Health Law & Business Library (BNA)   
This database provides legal analysis of issues affecting the health-care industry. It contains the following collections: Health Law & Business Series Portfolios; Law, Regulations, Agency Documents; State Information (including a digest of recent state legislative activity and multiple topical surveys of state law); News; and Indexes & Finding Aids.   
Health Law Reporter (BNA)   
This weekly publication includes legal developments that influence the health care industry: new cases, federal and state legislation, rules from federal regulators, and enforcement trends.   
Health Law Resource Center (BNA)   
This database provides news coverage and legal analysis of developments in health care law and regulation. It contains full text statutes, regulations, agency documents, case law, treatises, and practice tools. Access to the Health Care Daily Report & the Health Care Fraud Report is provided.   
Health Reference Center Academic (Gale)   
This health database includes over 2,800 journals and magazines, many of which are full text. The database contains nursing and allied health journals, other medical journals, newsletters and consumer health magazines.   
Health Source Nursing/Academic Edition (EBSCO)   
This database contains journals focusing on a variety of medical disciplines.   
Founded to preserve all old American Seforim, this free database now seeks to include all Torah Seforim ever printed.   
Hein Online   
Searchable database of law review articles, government documents, and historical legal documents in PDF format. Access to specialized research databases such as the New York Legal Research Library, National Moot Court Competition library, U.S. Treaties and Agreements Library, Women and the Law (Peggy), ABA Law Library Collection of Periodicals, and Religion and the Law.   
Historical Statistics of the United States   
This database contains quantitative facts of American History on topics ranging from poulation; work and welfare; economic structure, performance and sectors; and governance and international relations. Users can download data and create customized tables and spreadsheets that reflects their area of interest.   
Holocaust and the Concentration Camp Trials: Prosecution of Nazi War Crimes (Gale)   
This collection provides original documents on the investigation and prosecution of war crimes committed by Nazi concentration camp commandants and camp personnel, including: correspondence; trial records and transcripts; investigatory material; clemency petitions and reviews; photographs of atrocities; newspaper clippings; and pamphlets. Many concentration (and later extermination) camps and sub-camps are represented in this collection. Documents in this collection date from 1944-1949.   
Homeland Security Briefing (BNA)   
This database provides daily coverage of federal and state actions related to security and anti-terrorist policies, including the activities of the Department of Homeland Security.   
Human Resources Report (BNA)   
This database provides developments in state regulations, legislation and court decisions affecting HR, as well as information regarding federal employment laws and regulations.   

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals   
An index of articles and book reviews which appear in 470 journals world wide.   
Index to Jewish Periodicals   
This database provides a comprehensive guide to articles, book reviews and stories in more than 220 journals devoted to Jewish history, activity and thought.   
Index to Legal Periodicals with Full Text (WilsonWeb)   
National and international coverage and access to scholarly articles, symposia, jurisdictional surveys, court decisions, legislation, books, book reviews, and more.   
InfoTrac Newsstand (Gale)   
InfoTrac Newsstand is full-text newspaper database which allows users to search thousands of national, international, state and local newspaper articles by title, headline, date, newspaper section or keyword.   
Infrastructure Investment & Policy Report (BNA)   
This database provides information about federal, state, local and international investments in infrastructure projects in the United States, including investments in highways and bridges, aviation, high-speed rail, clean water, green technology, energy grids, mass transit and broadband.   
Intellectual Property Law Resource Center (BNA)   
This database includes the full text of all decisions reported in United States Patents Quarterly from 1929 to the present, combined with finding aids to facilitate the search process. It also includes the Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal the World Intellectual Report, Harmon on Patents and IP laws and regulations.   
International Business & Finance Daily (Archives) (BNA)   
This report provided policy and regulatory actions of government agencies and nongovernmental organizations worldwide the affect both domestic and international business and financial environments, until its final issue published on December 30, 2013. Similar content can now be found in the Daily Report for Executives.   
International Environment Daily (Archives) (BNA)   
This database contains archives of International Environment Daily dated from July 1998 through November 2009, which provided information on developments in environmental, natural resource, and chemicals issues, in all major industralized and developing nations and in international governmental and nongovernmental organizations.   
International Environment Reporter (BNA)   
This database provides developments in environmental news, laws, legislation, regulations, and policies in all major industrialized and developing nations, as well as international governmental and nongovernmental organizations.   
International Tax Monitor (BNA)   
This database provides legislative, regulatory, judicial and policy developments affecting tax and accounting issues in involved in transnational business affairs.   
International Trade Daily (BNA)   
This database provides the latest developments affecting U.S. trade and international business policy and the policies of major U.S. trading partners in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia, including the activities of the ITC, the Departments of State, Treasury and Commerce, the WTO and the EU.   
International Trade Reporter - Current Reports (BNA)   
This database supplies current information on major developments affecting U.S. trade, international business, and U.S. trading partners.   

JSTOR Arts & Sciences I, II, III & IV, Health and General Sciences and Business II Collections   
JSTOR includes articles from over 120 arts & sciences journals (health, education, etc.) and 65 business journals back to the mid-1800s.   
This database is a legal search engine and citator service that cross-references case law, legislation and journal articles dating from 1163. It also indexes and links to content from major publishers.   

Labor & Employment Law Resource Center (BNA)   
This database contains fair employment cases collection reports decisions by U.S. Courts of Appeals, including the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, U.S. District Courts, U.S. Court of Federal Claims and its predecessor, the U.S. Claims Court, U.S. Tax Court, state courts, Arbitrators and administrative agencies. The BNA Treatise, International Labor and Employment Laws is also included in the library.   
Labor Relations Week (BNA)   
This database provides legislative and regulatory developments in labor law and labor relations, organized by industry, such as, retail, health care, manufacturing, finance/insurance and hotels/restaurants.   
Law360 (Lexis)   
Breaking Legal News from every major practice area. "Law360 covers litigation, policy developments, corporate deals, and more across dozens of practice areas, industries, and jurisdictions."   
This database provides a comprehensive collection of Chinese laws, regulations, cases, treaties, law journals, legal news and more.   
Leadership Library   
The Leadership Library database provides contact and background information for the institutional leadership of the United States, including U.S. and state governments, the judiciary, law and lobbying firms, news media, corporate and non-profit organizations.   
Lexis for Law Schools (Portal to Lexis Advance)   
A comprehensive legal research database which includes case law, statutes, law reviews, legal and general news from United States and some foreign jurisdictions.   
Lexis-Nexis Academic   
This database provides access to full-text news, business and legal publications, as well as other sources.   
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts   
Bibliographic database covering issues in librarianship and information technology.   
Life Sciences Law & Industry Report (BNA)   
This database provides biweekly updates on regulatory, legislative and legal issues in the life sciences industry, which involves the use of advanced emerging technologies to develop solutions that enhance human health and combat disease.   
Long Island Business News   
This is an online business newsletter for Long Island. If you would like to use this database, please see a reference librarian.   
LRS (New York State Legislative Retrieval System)    Password is required. Call the Library (ext. 7160) for help.
LRS contains New York State bills and other New York legislative materials.If you would like to use this database, please see a reference librarian.   

Making of Modern Law Series: Artemis (Gale)   
In any combination or all at once, users can now search the following legal research databases: "The Making of Modern Law" - Legal Treatises: 1800-1926; "The Making of Modern Law" - Primary Sources; "The Making of Modern Law" - Trials: 1600-1926; and Eighteenth Century Collections Online. If you prefer, you can also search the databases individually at the links found on this page.   
Making of Modern Law Series: Legal Treatises 1800-1926 (Gale)   
This database contains digital images of legal treatises on British and US law published from 1800-1926.   
Making of Modern Law Series: Primary Sources (Gale)   
This database provides published records of the American colonies, documents published by state constitutional conventions, state codes, city charters, law dictionaries, digests and more.   
Making of Modern Law Series: Trials 1600-1926 (Gale)   
This database contains unofficially published accounts of trials, official trial documents, briefs, arguments, legislative and administrative proceedings as well as arbitrations from famous trials that shook society in America, the British Empire and the world.   
Making of Modern Law Series: U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs 1832-1978 (Gale)   
This database contains a comprehensive collection of records and briefs brought before the U.S. Supreme Court. It includes transcripts, applications for review, motions, petitions, supplements and other official papers.   
Marquis Who's Who (Part of Lexis Academic)   
This database offers biographies of accomplished individuals, updated daily.   
MAS Ultra (EBSCO)   
This database provides full text from over 460 periodicals covering general reference, health science, and other areas. In addition to the full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for over 520 magazines.   
Media Law Reporter (BNA)   
This database provides weekly coverage of federal and state court opinions in media law cases.   
Medical Devices Law & Industry Report (BNA)   
This database provides biweekly news coverage of regulatory, legislative and legal developments in the medical devices industry including FDA regulations, recalls, clinical trials, oversight of manufacturing practices and advertising guidelines.   
Medical Research Law & Policy Report (BNA)   
This database provides information regarding regulatory and legal developments in medical research.   
Medicare Report (BNA)   
This database provides timely coverage of legislative, regulatory, legal and health care industry developments affecting the Medicare program.   
Medline (EBSCO)   
This National Library of Medicine database offers information on medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and pre-clinical sciences.   
Mental Measurement Yearbook   
This database contains full-text information about all English-language standardized tests covering educational skills, personality, vocational aptitude, psychology, and related areas. If you would like to access the Mental Measurements Yearbook and Test In Print database, from this search page, click on the link titled "Change" and then select the MMYTIP database.   
Mergers & Acquisitions Law Report (BNA)   
This databse provides comprehensive coverage of federal, state and international M&A news in ltigation, legislation and regulation. Areas of focus include corporate law, securities, environment, tax, labor and employment and intellectual property.   
Military and Government Collection (EBSCO)   
Search and browse articles from 400 periodicals and 245 pamphlets which cover all branches of the military and government.   
Money & Politics Report (BNA)   
This database provides comprehensive coverage of campaign finance, lobbying, and government ethics issues at federal, state, and local levels. It provides current information regarding the activities of the Federal Election Commission, as well as other legislative, regulatory and legal developments.   

National Archives Charters of Freedom   
Includes the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights.   
National Law Journal   
This database includes full access to the National Law Journal's news, court and litigation information and reports, special reports, legal career resources, legal news analysis, Legal Times, Supreme Court brief, regulation news, and legal education news.   
New York Law Journal   
This database includes full access to the New York Law Journal's news, court and verdict information, decisional law, new statutes and regulations information, legal career resources, and legal news analysis.   
New York State Newspapers (Gale)   
Search over 879,00 articles in 10 major New York newspapers.   
Newspaper Source (EBSCO)   
This database provides full text articles from local and national U.S. and international newspapers including USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post, and The Times (London).   
Novel (Gale)   
This selection of Thomson Gale databases is provided to New York libraries and offers resources on a range of personal, social, and academic topics. It allows you to simultaneously search the following databases (all of which you can access separately on this page): Gale Virtual Reference Library; LegalTrac; Eighteenth Century Collections Online; The Making of Modern Law Series; U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs; and Archives Unbound.   
Nuremburg Laws and Nazi Annulment of German Jewish Nationality (Gale)   
This collection consists of over 16,000 index cards listing the name, date and place of birth, occupation and last address of Jews whose German citizenship was revoked in accordance with the "Nuremberg Laws" of 1935, including Jews from Germany, Austria and Czech Bohemia. Documents in this collection date from 1935 to 1945.   

Occupational Safety & Health Daily (BNA)   
This database includes articles on legislative, regulatory, and judicial developments affecting job safety and health.   
Occupational Safety & Health Reporter (BNA)   
This database provides full news coverage and documentation of federal and state occupational safety and health programs, standards, legislation, regulations, enforcement, and court and agency decisions.   
Oceana Law - Oxford Constitutions of the World   
The Oceana databases known as Constitutions of the Countries of the World Online, Constitutions of Dependencies and Territories Online, and Constitutions of the United States: National and State Online have merged into the Oxford Constitutions of the World database. You can also access bibliographies for further reading about the U.S. and foreign constitutions and the Oxford Citator through this database.   
Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)   
This cooperative database offers bibliographic information from over 72,000 libraries around the world.   
Opposing Viewpoints in Context   
This database provides contextual information and opinions on hundreds of today's most debated social issues. It features continuously updated viewpoint articles, topic overviews, full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, statistics, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites organized in a topically arranged portal.   
Oxford English Dictionary   
The online version of the Oxford English Dictionary with pronunciation, history, usage and quotation assistance.   
Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History   
The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History is the first encyclopedia of law to provide both historical and contemporary comparisons of the world legal systems from ancient to modern times.   
Oxford Journals   
This database has access to Oxford's collection of journals related to the humanities, law, life sciences, mathematical and physical sciences medicine and social sciences   

PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records)    Password is required. Call the Library (ext. 7160) for help.
This database contains case and docket information from Federal Appellate, District and Bankruptcy courts, and from the U.S. Party/Case Index.   
Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law Daily (BNA)   
This database provides comprehensive news of intellectual property cases, regulatory developments and trends.   
Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal (BNA)   
This BNA journal contains news of major intellectual property cases, statutes, trends, and other key developments in all areas of the law.   
Pension & Benefits Daily (BNA)   
This daily report provides pension and benefits developments, with links directly to the full source documents.   
Pension & Benefits Reporter (BNA)   
These weekly reports provide information regarding the laws, regulations, cases and issues that influence pension and benefits policy, design and administration. A collection of pension reference documents and forms are included.   
Pharmaceutical Law & Industry Report (Archives) (BNA)   
This database contains archives of Pharmaceutical Law and Industry Report dated from September 15, 2008 to January 8, 2010.   
Pharmaceutical Law & Industry Report (BNA)   
This weekly report provides updates regarding regulatory and litigation developments affecting the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.   
Preview of U.S. Supreme Court Cases   
Preview of U.S. Supreme Court Cases provides, in advance of oral argument, expert, plain-langu