Challenging, yet supportive.

No one expects law school to be easy. Nor should it be. At Touro Law Center, your professors will challenge you to work harder and smarter than you ever have before. You will redefine how you reason, write, and speak. You will learn new ways of analyzing and solving problems.

But at Touro, you’re never on your own. Our faculty members have day and evening office hours and observe an open door policy. Every student also has access to a comprehensive, integrated program designed to enhance the law school experience with individualized assistance in such areas as study strategy, course selection, career goals, and academic enrichment. In addition to academic assistance, we offer personal support and any other services a student would need to be successful.

To round out your law school experience and make your time at Touro Law Center rich and rewarding, we also offer a multitude of extra-curricular law-related activities.