The Legal Education Access Program (LEAP)

The Legal Education Access Program (LEAP) was established in 1990 to encourage diversity in the legal academy, to engender a positive, welcoming environment for minority law students, and to offer students from minority racial and ethnic backgrounds the opportunity to achieve a high level of success in law school. The program provides inspiring academic support and mentorship. LEAP is open to all admitted students regardless of race or ethnic origin.

LEAP at Touro Law comprises:

  • A four-week summer program to help students who will begin law school in the fall develop the crucial study and exam skills required for success in law school.

  • This voluntary program is conducted in the evening and is offered free-of-charge to participants.

  • Teaching assistant (TA) sessions conducted during the first academic year of law school by highly successful upper-division LEAP students. The TAs serve as mentors to first-year students helping them develop their study methods and test-taking ability.

Through the positive and supportive atmosphere for success created by LEAP, participants have historically achieved impressive academic success and have excelled in leadership roles at the Law Center.

LEAP student involvement:

  • Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor of the Touro Law Review, International Law Review, and the Journal of Race, Gender, and Ethnicity.

  • Winners of the Law Center’s prestigious Bainbridge Moot Court Competition.

  • Leaders in various student organizations including President of the Student Bar Association.

  • LEAP Alumni Association now has more than 1,000 members.