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Full-Time Faculty

Name Position Phone Email
Harry Ballan Dean and Professor of Law
Harold I. Abramson Professor of Law (on Leave 17-18) 631-761-7110
Fabio Arcila, Jr. Professor of Law (on Leave 17-18) 631-761-7111
Myra Berman Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7114
William M. Brooks Director of the Immigration Legal Clinic and Professor of Law 631-761-7086
Rodger Citron Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law 631-761-7102
Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus Director of Academic Development and Bar Programs and Professor of Law and 631-761-7116
Peter Davis Associate Professor Emeritus 631-761-7117
Daniel Derby Professor of Law 631-761-7118
Joan Foley Associate Professor of Legal Process 631-761-7181
Howard Glickstein Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law 631-761-7120
Jack Graves Director of Digital Legal Education and Professor of Law 631-761-7121
Stephen Hochberg Founding Associate Professor of Law
Eileen Kaufman Professor of Law 631-761-7125
Deseriee Kennedy Associate Dean of Diversity & Inclusion and Professor of Law 631-761-7093
Richard Daniel Klein Bruce K. Gould Distinguished Professor of Law 631-761-7126
Lynne Adair Kramer Director of the Court Observation Program, Adjunct Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Trial Team Competition Board 631-761-7127
Sidney Kwestel Professor of Law 631-761-7128
Leon D. Lazer Professor of Law 631-761-7129
Samuel J. Levine Director of the Jewish Law Institute and Professor of Law 631-761-7138
Michael Lewyn Director of the Institute on Land Use and Sustainable Development and Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7124
Tracy McGaugh Norton Associate Professor of Legal Process 631-761-7184
Beverly McQueary Smith Professor Emeritus of Advocacy
Heather Karmin Melniker Coordinator of Legal Process and Faculty Director of the Moot Court Advocacy Board and Associate Professor of Legal Process 631-761-7132
Meredith R. Miller Director of Solo & Small Practice Initiatives and Professor of Law 631-761-7133
Jeffrey Morris Professor of Law 631-761-7135
Ann L. Nowak Director of the Writing Center 631-761-7182
Sharon A. Pocock Associate Professor of Legal Process 631-761-7136
Deborah W. Post Professor Emeritus 631-761-7134
Lawrence Raful Professor of Law 631-761-7123
Leif Rubinstein Director of Clinical Programs, Co-Director of the Mortgage Foreclosure; Director of the Bankruptcy Clinic and Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7091
Patricia E. Salkin Professor of Law
Douglas D. Scherer Professor of Law 631-761-7140
Martin A. Schwartz Professor Emeritus 631-761-7141
Thomas A. Schweitzer Professor of Law 631-761-7142
Rena C. Seplowitz Professor of Law 631-761-7143
Gary M. Shaw Professor of Law 631-761-7099
Marjorie A. Silver Director of Externship Programs and Professor of Law 631-761-7144
Theodore Silver Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7145
Dan Subotnik Professor of Law 631-761-7146
Peter A. Zablotsky Professor of Law 631-761-7148
Michelle Zakarin Associate Professor of Legal Process 631-761-7149