Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the website of the Touro Law Review! We have had the pleasure of publishing articles since 1984 on various topics of the law. This year is a particularly exciting year for the Touro Law Review because we will be publishing an article authored by David Nimmer, a world-renowned, widely recognized expert in copyright law. He authors and updates Nimmer on Copyright frequently cited by the federal courts including the United States Supreme Court. We are honored to publish his article.

Each year, the Touro Law Review hosts a symposium and invites legal scholars to write articles on a particular area of the law. The Touro Law Review Symposium Issue for 2019 will be dedicated to disability rights law and special education law. For over a century, individuals with disabilities and advocacy groups have been lobbying federal, state, and local governments to enact legislation providing individuals with disabilities equal protection of the laws. Although the federal government and state governments have made progress, there is still a long way to go. We are dedicating this Issue to those individuals who are not being heard.

We look forward to this very exciting year for the Touro Law Review and hope that you enjoy reading the articles. We appreciate your support.

Yours truly,

Michael A. Morales

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